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    Dennis Hatch

    I had the privilege to meet Dennis Hatch yesterday at a pool tourney he was watching his woman play in. I just want to go on record and say what a real good guy he is. Waiting for her to play, he was more than willing to talk with the fellas on my team and was very complimentary of other...
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    U.S. Open Schedule

    Is there any way to tell ahead of time what matches play at what time? And also, any way to find out what Accu-stats T.V. tables will be today? Thanks
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    Diamond Pool Table

    Are you able to get a Diamond Professional table with all of the sponsor labels on the sides. Like in the tourneys. You know with "Diamond", Aramith, and Simonis, etc., labels. That's what I want some day.
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    Ronnie O'Sulliven

    I just saw on FB that RO died in a car crash. Anyone know if this is true? Hoax? Any details? Family OK?
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    Cue Maker Gary Johnson

    Does anyone have any feedback on a cue maker named Gary Johnson out of Arkansas? Playability? Craftmanship? Value of his cues? I'm considering a trade of my Schon for one, but really don't know anything about this cue maker. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Dan
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    Jeff Olney plus Joint Protectors

    Alright, I have a question. I've had my Olney player for about year and I had Jim Baxter make me a real nice set of custom matching joint protectors. But as anyone who owns an Olney knows, the butt and shaft fit extremely tight together. Therefore, in fear of "loosening" the threads in the...
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    Mosconi Cup on the Net or T.V.

    Has it yet been announced where someone in the Mid-West will be able to see the Mosconi Cup, whether it be on the internet or on T.V.? I'd really like to be able to see as much of it as possible. Thanks for the help.
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    Room between tables

    My Elks lodge is building a new building. We have 5 Valley bar boxes and 1 9' Centenial. My question to you all is, how much rooom do you leave between each table? I know at least how far to keep them from walls and such, but not exactly sure what everyone does between individual tables. Can you...
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    Looking for Valley Tables

    My lodge is in the market for 3-5 new or used Valley "Blonde" Cougar 7 foot tables. We are in NW Ohio. If there's anyone out here that can help us, PM me with availability, cost and location. Thanks, Scherf
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    "Pool Channel"

    Here's a question there really may be an answer to, but if there is, I just don't know it. With all of the resources that are put into Bonus Ball, TAR and other various sparatic tournaments around the country, why can't forces combine and create a "Pool Channel" very similar to the Golf Channel...