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  1. mickb94

    Czar cues...

    my teammate always brings in a new cue. it seems like every week. I am a huge predator fan, and love plain black cues. not a fancy guy. I have a retired ikon-1 ( now the 8k-1) This past week he brought in some Asian knockoff cue called a CZAR cue. This thing hit surprisingly well for a...
  2. mickb94

    slow table speed gc3

    I recently put in a 9' gold crown III, complete with brand new blue simonis860 felt. it feels very sloooooow. could it be from: -fabric not stretched tightly? -is new simonis slow until it gets more play? -any other possible reasons?... thanks
  3. mickb94


    I am looking for some predator/poison patches. TAR. anybody know where I can get some of these?
  4. mickb94

    Beautiful-Bob Frey cue

    SOLD firm, not looking for trades on this one paypal accepted and preferred
  5. mickb94

    Pure x / predator for sale

    I have for a sale a Pure X HXT-90 butt with a Predator 314-2 shaft (5/16x18) the butt has about 25 hours of playing time and the shaft only about 12 hours. Both in excellent condition. I am not selling the original Pure X shaft with this cue. Can send pictures if needed but I haven't taken...
  6. mickb94

    Pure x hxt cue review (opinion)

    I just wanted to say a few things about pure x hxt cues... First of all I am used to predator shafts. I have custom cues and have had lots of different types of break cues, jump cues, and break/jump cues. I've quit playing for a long time and have sold most of my equipment. Deciding to go at it...
  7. mickb94

    Bob Frey full splice

    -----sold---- I am thinking about selling this Frey cue, and wanted to see how much interest there is. I had this cue made in 2006 by Bob for $$$$. I just had it refinished and new tips put on both shafts. it looks and feels brand new. I have hit ZERO balls with it since being refinished. I...
  8. mickb94

    What type of cue is it

    I hope one of you guys can clarify this for me... If I went to a cuemaker and requested a "sneaky pete", then paid for inlays and a leather wrap,...what type of cue is it now? is it a full splice cue? is it a sneaky? what would I call it for accuracy during a sale? note: The leather wrap...
  9. mickb94

    Frey fancy sneaky

    I am trying to find out the going rate for a fancy frey sneaky pete. it has two shafts, leather wrap, double inlays at each point, an inlay in each point near wrap, and 4 inlays in butt. freshly refinished by bob. I am just curious as to the value of this cue. I paid 1200 for it from bob...
  10. mickb94

    Predator 5k1 feeler

    I am potentially selling a predator 5k1. 314-2 shaft. shaft is around 12.5mm, minor ding near joint, no affect on playability. Butt has minor dings. playability not affected in any way. 18.5 ish ounces. Cue is 1 year old and in about 90% condition. I dont have any pics taken yet unless...
  11. mickb94

    Leon Sly

    Just wanted to take a moment and comment on a couple of cues that I've recently acquired. First, I got a stained b/e maple with an ebony handle jump/break cue. The jump handle portion is a little longer than typically made in a j/b. At first I was a little skeptic about how well the longer...
  12. mickb94

    shaft research

    help me out guys... -is the ob break shaft any good? would a mezz break shaft be better? I know that Putnam had said that he uses or used a regular ob shaft with a hard tip to break with and loves it. i have a leon sly jump/break and am thinking about preserving the shaft. it has a radial...
  13. mickb94

    leon sly sneaky pete Tis cue is being sold on ebay by a friend of mine. I's a nice leon sly sneaky pete, ebony. The picture showing the joint is not a warp, it's actually a small area that was slightly oversanded when mating...
  14. mickb94

    wtb:Predator Bk/2

    Im really interested in a used bk or bk2. please pm me if anyone has anything theyre thinking of selling. thanks
  15. mickb94

    predator bk2

    I have an icebreaker j/b, which i love. been told to switch to the predator bk2. my main question is, whats the main difference in the bk1 and the bk2? I've broke with the bk1 when they first came out, and honestly wasnt extremely crazy about it. it was nice, but just couldnt see it breaking...
  16. mickb94

    Jay Helfert's Pool Wars

    Thanks to you Jay, I received my copy in the mail yesterday. I couldn't put the damned thing down! I read over half of it in my first sitting. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, I highly recommend you hurry up and do so. Thanks again Jay for the great read.
  17. mickb94

    sigel varner cues

    can anybody tell me anything about sigel varner cues? are they worth anything?
  18. mickb94

    smooth black leather fellini case for sale, price reduced

    smooth black leather fellini case for sale 375 or best offer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- smooth black leather. holds 1 butt 2 shafts, in good shape, tag still legible and in tact...
  19. mickb94

    leon sly cue, price drop

    leon sly cue for sale --- leon sly cue for sale, the cue is gorgeous and hits better than any ive seen in a long time. starburst inlaid into butt sleeve, radial pin 4 pt cue. white with green specs irish linen wrap. total weight 19.2 oz...
  20. mickb94

    smooth black leather fellini case for sale

    price reduced to 400 and reposted