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  1. Physiqz

    FargoRate Issues

    Anyone having issues with fargo rate? My favorites show one rating and then when I search it shows another and they are very off. Like one person is a 497 in favorites and a 179 when searched and they are no way a 179. Also unable to register for the new app with my membership ID. Contacted...
  2. Physiqz

    Revo vs Becue and others

    Looking for an insight on Revo vs Becue comparison. Never shot with either. Or any other carbon composite shaft you want to include. Also Jacoby is supposed to be coming out with a new LD shaft this year i think 134 piece laminated instead of the 64 piece hybrid one right now. Lamination only...
  3. Physiqz

    3 fouling an 11 year old

    I was playing in a tournament the other day, I am a 10 and he was a 1. I had to give last 5, wild 8 and a game on the wire to this kid. At one point I was down 3-4 with him on the hill. I had to go to 6 and he had to get to 5. Made it Hill-Hill, he broke dry and scratched. The balls weren't...
  4. Physiqz

    1st Annual Palmetto Shootout - June 20th-21st

    1st Annual Palmetto Shootout - June 20th-21st Grady's Pool Hall - Lexington, SC Calcutta starts at 11am on the 20th. Limited to 128 players Played on 7' Valley Bar Boxes. It will be APA handicaps and rules - We are trying to cater everyone's needs, so look for this tournament to happen once a...
  5. Physiqz

    Action Break/Jump 07

    I typically do not like playing with a break/jump cue, for i like individual aspects of a straight break and a straight jump cue. I received this cue for free and decided to give it a try and I was very amazed with this product. Especially for an entry level cue. The break power of this cue is...
  6. Physiqz

    July 18th - 9ball Open tournament - Grady's Pool Hall

    Grady's Pool Hall in Lexington, SC $500 added, 50 entry Race to 9 on winners, 7 on losers Calcutta at 11:30am Rack own/ Alternate break Push/3foul and jump allowed. MAX Player Size: 64 Players 7' Valley Bar Tables *** No handicaps - Races are even**** It is nothing too big, but if your...
  7. Physiqz

    Instructors in the SC area

    Any instructors in the Columbia, SC area? We have had great players come out of this area such as Josh Roberts, Scott Rabon and Shannon Daulton, but it is very hard to find an instructor here.