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  1. WalkerInTN

    Snakes not on a Plane

  2. WalkerInTN

    Wanted: Tooled Fellini cases (also Engles)

    Hi all, I thought I'd try to find a couple tooled Fellini cases for my collection. Anyone have one they'd like to move? I'd also be interested in picking up a nice tooled Engles case as well. :smile: Please let me know, prices & pictures can be posted here, via PM or by email...
  3. WalkerInTN

    WTB: Engles Ostrich case

    It worked so well for Ron, I'll try it too. I'm looking for an Engles Ostrich case with the Fellini style lock, in a Brown or Black color. Anybody have one to sell? Let me know! :cool:
  4. WalkerInTN

    Want to Buy: Barry Szamboti - Brazillian Rosewood cue

    Hi all, I've decided that I'd like to find a matching Barry Szamboti cue to go along with my Gus cue. I'm looking for a 4 point, 4 veneer, Brazillian Rosewood cue with no inlays. :smile: I'm sure there have to be a few out there, so show me what you have. :cool: BTW, I'm not interested...
  5. WalkerInTN

    WTB - A Nice 1x2 Centennial Case

    Like the title says, I'd like to find a nice 1x2 Centennial case. I'm looking for one in good condition, not a beater. A picture speaks a thousand words, so show me what you've got, either here or via PM. Thanks! BTW, I'm NOT looking for any cases made by anyone other than Centennial at...