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  1. Scratchy

    Something I’ve never seen

    I just watched the Kozoom/Youtube AGIPI 2013 match of Jaspers vs Caudron. In the 12th inning while in a run, still his turn at the table and leading 34-3, Jaspers said something to the referee and sat down. Balls were spotted and Caudron got to break. I’ve never seen this option before. Can...
  2. Scratchy

    Deco Cue taper bar for sale

    Just picked up a Cuesmith deluxe, no need for this taper bar system now. All parts are there, to best of my knowledge, just as it was removed in working order from my other lathe. Looking for $500 plus shipping. PM if interested. Thanks, Mac (attached a pic - not sure if I did it right...
  3. Scratchy

    Bob Strange passed away

    I am very sad to report that the weekend Lansing State Journal had this information: "Robert C. Strange of Delta Township a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend passed away December 2, 2014. Bob was born January 11, 1931 in Oneida Township, Eaton Co., MI to the late Harold...
  4. Scratchy

    Spindle for inlay work

    I'm in the 'design' phase (OK, day-dreaming mode ...) on building a CNC inlay set up. I've reviewed some of the designs shown in recent threads and have a fair idea of what I need for the basic mechanics of the system. (and thank you to those who contributed expertise) I'm not sure about the...