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  1. MooseKnuckle

    Variable Balance Point

    Is McDermott the only production manufacturer offering a variable balance point? My next thought is how successful is the idea, once you find what you like do you really need it anymore?
  2. MooseKnuckle

    Bucket O' Sticks

    An accessory stand that came with my pool table has a major flaw. The pot metal rings that hold the cues break easily. Solution, use a bucket :cool: :
  3. MooseKnuckle

    Round 'crop circle' ball rack

    Where do I find one of these
  4. MooseKnuckle

    Practice routine, am I wrong ?

    Scenario : Playing with self (insert joke here) and trying to run a 9 ball rack. If I miss a pot, I continue as planned to the next ball rather than continuing to try and pot the original object ball. * Is this a bad approach? I kinda of figure it's like a piece of music, if I miss a note I...
  5. MooseKnuckle

    Benefits of quality balls

    What benefits are there for an average player when using a higher quality set of balls?
  6. MooseKnuckle

    Players cue model K1404

    Hello all. Recently purchased a used unbranded 7 foot slate table and accessories, wondering about the nicest cue in the rack. It's a Players Model K1404. Did a quick search and have to assume the model is out of production. Any ideas of $ or year made, thanks :-)