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    Jacoby sneaky Pete with a Diveney Lakewood shaft!!

  2. AkersCues

    Custom Diveney J/B for sale!

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    Trade Rc Cars for Cue!!!

    For trade: I have two HPI Blitz Rc Cars that are race ready... One has some suspension upgrades and both come with an extra set of J-Concepts wheels & tires as well as the originals... Each also have new 2.4ghz digital radios.. One is Futaba & the other is an airtronics... They will also come...
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    Cuetec Jump/Break like new CHEAP!!!

    Cuetec J/B 2 weeks old one minor ding in the shaft thanks to somebody knocking it over at the pool hall the first night I had it but it is barely noticeable & other than that it is like new:) $120 OBO shipped & insured continental US... Butt: 29" 19.5oz Shaft 29" SST TRU GLIDE ferrule: stock...
  5. AkersCues

    My new Diveney custom cue!!!

    This is my new Diveney cue.... They will make what u want to you're speciations & Pat is a SUPER great guy to deal with!!! Cue: Custom made Davis Blank Veneers: purple, teal, light blue, maple Butt: 29" 15.6oz 18-5/8 balance pointe Fore arm: amboyna burl Points & handle: 5A Birdseye maple...
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    Info on this mid 80's Custom Runde/Schon

    I am considering purchasing this mid 80's Runde/Schon from a friend and was curious if anybody had any info on it... I know that it is a one of a kind custom but that's about it... Any info or help would be great!!:)
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    Diveney 2012 Jump Break FS

    Sold!!!! sold!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    2012 Jacoby Merry Widow CHEAP!!!

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    Is a cuetec jump/break worth buying???

    Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on how the cuetec's break & jump? Are they worth buying???
  10. AkersCues

    FS: 2012 Diveney True Sneaky

  11. AkersCues

    WTB: ATTN Aspiring cue makers... Make me a True Sneaky Pete

    Ok this goes out to all aspiring cue makers... I am wanting a true snekey Pete made... I want it made out of a retapered old bar cue and it should have a very thin tan but cap & u can use you're style of bumper or the original... It must have either a stainless radial or 3/8-10 & no joint...
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    2012 Diveney SP & JB set will sell together or seperate...

    sold sold!!!!!!!...... =p
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    2012 Brand New Diveney Butterfly Sp

    sold!!!!!!...... =p
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    Wtb... Used ob classic pro shaft!!!

    I'm looking for a used reasonably priced ob classic pro shaft for a radial pin... Let me know what's out there... :)
  15. AkersCues

    Predator Z-2 or OB classic pro???

    I shot with a OB Classic Pro shaft with a Kamui black SS for the first time tonight and really like it... I am wondering what the difference would be between it and a Predator Z-2 shaft with the same tip... I am using it on a Diveney sneaky Pete with a flat faced Radial pin... Any input would be...
  16. AkersCues

    Is Joe Gold taking orders???

    Does anyone know if Joe Gold is taking orders and if he is how long is the wait??? Thanks in advance for any help... :)
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    79 josswest sideways W for trade....

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!!........ :)
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    Just what the title says I'm looking for a R-Schon or Runde... let me see what you got guys... :smile:
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    Tooled Instroke 3X7 In Good Shape Cheap!!!

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    Jacoby Jump Cue Grey/Tiger Maple