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  1. Mr Slate

    Anyone familiar with Pure X cues?

    I'm thinking about getting a Pure X cue for playing on the road (while I'm not working) that will stay in my car most of the time. They have a lifetime guarantee....including against warpage. I'm just wondering if anyone else uses one and what they think of it.
  2. Mr Slate

    CF shaft stored in hot car?

    So my job has me traveling 10 months a year. I drive to a different state just about every week. I'd like to have my cue with me but, it would be in my unattended car most of the time (16 hours average) when I'm working. The heat would not be too kind to the wooden shaft. My question is....if I...
  3. Mr Slate

    What game is this table for?

    Please forgive my ignorance but I have never seen a table like this. It looks to me like a bumper pool table without the bumpers. Does anyone know?
  4. Mr Slate

    Cue Repair Lathe?

    I'm thinking of getting a cue repair lathe for normal (home) cue maintenance. Is there a certain brand or model that is preferred? I don't want to get the wrong model and end up with buyers remorse. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Mr Slate

    Can I change the weight of this cue?

    Is there a way to change the weight of this cue? It doesn't have the two holes that the weight bolt kit uses, just a hex bolt. Will the weights from the kit fit this cue?
  6. Mr Slate

    Can I change the weight of this cue?

    Is there a way to change the weight of this cue? It doesn't have the two holes that the weight bolt kit uses, just a hex bolt. Will the weights from the kit fit this cue?
  7. Mr Slate

    Revo Revo Revo......Shirley you can't be serious

    Ok... I admit I've been away from the game for a few years and just recently started playing again, but what is all the hype over these Revo shafts? When I go to the usual groups and sites, it's all I seem to hear about. $500 synthetic shafts that no retailers can keep in stock. I haven't seen...
  8. Mr Slate

    Mosconi Cup Music

    Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond , Shipping off to Boston - Dropkick Murphys........ I thought for a second that I was at a Red Sox game. Still gets the same response from me though........GO YANKS!!!!!!!
  9. Mr Slate

    Tired of buzzed or drunk teammates.

    First off I know what to expect when playing in everyone's favorite "APA". It's a social league meant to introduce billiards to the masses. I'm just getting more and more fed up with teammates that pound the beers BEFORE their matches and end up having their game suffer because of it. I'm not...
  10. Mr Slate

    Put a Kamui tip on my cue.....WOW

    I put a medium Kamui tip on my cue and I'm getting great english on the cue ball at last. It grabs the ball like it has fingers. I learned about these tips on here of course, so thanks to AZ for turning me on to them.:smile:
  11. Mr Slate

    Foul or not?

    This happened the other night and I was wondering if you would call a foul on this. I was shooting 8 ball and my opponent scratched giving me ball in hand on the eight. We were using the "measle ball" for all the games that night but on a bar table it doesn't come out on the cue ball end, it...
  12. Mr Slate

    Lag question

    Two players lag for the break. The balls hit the far rail and come back. The winning ball (closest to the starting rail) has crossed over the long center of the table but does not touch the other ball. Is this a legal lag or a foul?
  13. Mr Slate

    Growing tired of playing my friend in pool

    I like to play pool as much as I can so when my friend of 20+ years want's to play me I accept. The problem is he's too fidgety and awkward at the table and he can't hit a straight in shot half the time. I've tried for the last decade to give him advice on how to play and such (fundamentals) but...
  14. Mr Slate

    Found this book online.......has anyone here read it?

    Just ordered "Pleasures of Small Motions: Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards" by Bob Fancher Ph.D. I was going to order "A mind for pool" but this one caught my eye as I was in buying mode on the computer. Has anyone read it? Opinions? I think I'll still get Capelle's book as well...
  15. Mr Slate

    Jillians behind Fenway park

    Has anyone ever played there? I went there in 2001 and was wondering if they have leagues there. It looked real nice when I was there.They didn't let me in with my hat on though. Might have been because it was a Yankee's hat. ;)
  16. Mr Slate

    How much $$ does the APA give you for Vegas?

    I'm not trying to get ahead of myself here but, how much $$ does the APA give you for the Vegas trip? I realize it depends on where you are and which individual league your in but what exactly should I expect them to cover? Airfare and hotel....or is it more or less just pocket change to pay for...
  17. Mr Slate

    What would you have done?

    Ok so last night I was playing my APA match and beat my opponent 3-1 in a race to 3. As I'm putting my cue in my case my team captain is talking to the other team captain and looking at me. I walk over to ask what's up and they tell me that since the other team put up their 7 early, they don't...