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  1. lee brett

    Johan ruijsink usa captain 2017
  2. lee brett

    Coaching tour March

    I will be doing a coaching tour end of Feb/March, anyone interested in lessons please inbox me or email
  3. lee brett

    Attn Matchroom - I offer to be the captain.

    I will once again offer to be the captain of team USA to finally get the win. I know i won't even be given the chance and Mark will be picked again. I don't buy the we are building a team and next year will be our year. How many times do you lose before changing things? This is not a go at...
  4. lee brett

    Training facility - Free you tube videos coming soon

    Hi everyone, I will be having my own training facility in Ohio, in the very near future. Once we have it ready, i will be filming an extensive library of free videos for my you tube channel and will also be setting up online coaching. Once i am ready to start filming, i will be doing a weekly...
  5. lee brett

    November Lessons available

    Anyone interested in individual lessons or setting up a clinic i am looking to do a tour in November. Please inbox me or email Thanks Lee
  6. lee brett

    X ultra shaft Tiger X2-1 - Tiger TL2 - Aramith ball sets

    For sale - Aramith ball sets in wrapper $200 (only 3 left) Tiger X ultra ld shaft $180 (used for 10 mins) Tiger X2-1 wrap Xpro shaft ($999 retail) $700 used for 1 day Tiger TL2 X-ultra shaft ($999 retail) $800 used for 30 mins. Will take an offer on all items as a whole.
  7. lee brett

    Tiger X ultra ld shaft for sale $180

    I have a new tiger X-ultra ld shaft for sale. Been used only to try out.
  8. lee brett

    Tiger X ultra - Tiger X2-1 - Tiger TL2 for sale

    I have 2 new tiger cues and 1 tiger shaft for sale. Tiger X-ultra ld shaft 1 week old $200 Tiger X2-1 with wrap x-pro shaft 11.75mm.. 1 week old $1000 new make an offer. Tiger LX series TL2 wrapless with x-ultra shaft 12.75mm New $1000.. Inbox me an offer... or my email is
  9. lee brett

    US open 8 & 10 ball entry numbers.

    I was looking at the numbers for the US 8 & 10 ball and both say 44, i am sure this is not the correct amount of players currently entered. As i noticed lots of players currently not down who i assume will be playing. Mark or Ozzy is this up to date? and when is the deadline to enter? Thanks Lee
  10. lee brett

    BCA Nationals conflict rule

    I was looking to register for the 8,9 & 10 ball challenge and noticed it said they conflict with other events and you would have to choose to forfeit one of your matches. Has this always been the case? or is this a new rule like the expo do? I always thought Bad boy worked around this? Maybe...
  11. lee brett

    Rip Freddy the beard

    Today is the anniversary of Freddy's passing, missed but never forgotten. I was doing a tour last year and called Freddy to see how he was, he answered the phone while he was in the hospital and said to me "I am not doing good kid" i told him he better be OK as i was coming to see him in a...
  12. lee brett

    Simonis 9ft 860 $250

    Now sold.....
  13. lee brett

    Brand New Aramith Tournament & TV Pro cup for sale $220

    I have these for sale at an amazing price for $220 which includes shipping. They won't last long so order fast. pay pal is
  14. lee brett

    Brand new Simonis cloth & Aramith ball sets

    For sale Brand new in the wrapper. Amazing deal... I have 2 9ft's left 3 7ft's and 4 each of the ball sets. Aramith Tournament set $275.00 Aramith TV Pro Cup set $250.00 Simonis 860 Tournament Blue 9ft $300.00 Simonis 860 Tournament Blue 7ft $200.00 No offers... Paypal is
  15. lee brett

    2001 Josey

    I posted this on the main forum but with no success. I have a 2001 Josey with 2 shafts see images, could someone let me know the value of this cue? Thanks Lee
  16. lee brett

    Josey 2001

    I have a 2001 Josey with 2 shafts see images, could someone let me know the value of this cue? Thanks Lee
  17. lee brett

    Gold crown billiards Erie PA

    I recently played in the event in Erie PA, $100 entry with $5000 added for a 32 man field. What a great event, that Paul Schofield runs. 4 chances to get to the finals board and the no conflict rules makes for no excuses about the rack. The pool room is the nicest i have seen, and if all pool...
  18. lee brett

    Alex Brick jump cue for sale

    Now sold!.
  19. lee brett

    SBE Lessons

    I will be there Wednesday to Sunday at the Ki-tech booth. Anyone interested in lessons please message me or email me Thanks Lee
  20. lee brett

    Mcdermott rs12 for sale

    I have a Mcdermott RS12 for sale, this is in great condition for the age of it. The butt cap is slightly loose and it has no tip on it. I can put a tip on if required. Serious offers only. I have more pictures i can send.