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    Gamblers Podcast featuring Scott Frost

    [] Hopefully I posted link correctly. If not you can find in Spotify App. Enjoy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    FS Its George Nylon 2x2 & R.Thomas 1x2 w/ cup

    Its George 2x2 black nylon w/ pocket and shoulder strap. SOLD pending payment THOMAS SOLD Paypal perferred, I'll eat the fees. PM's only. Thank you, Mike
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    SouthWest 360 12

    Fresh outta the box! Save your PMs gentlemen- she's not getting "flipped" enjoy!:thumbup: [/url] IMG_0946 by 19MSL70, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] IMG_0947 by 19MSL70, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    FS 2 items: LPeppers Sneaky & JWhite spare shaft

    Lee Peppers Sneaky ( I believe a conversion) SOLD Butt: 15.7oz Shaft: 3.9oz / 13.01mm at base of ferrule Tip: Triangle Ferrule: unknown [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] Spare James White shaft: SOLD Weight: 4oz Diameter: 13 mm Ferrule: ivory Ring: maple stitch with black/blue/black Tip: Kamui Black...
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    CASES FS: 1x2 Engles & 2x3 Instroke

    Engles 1x2 Black textured leather. SOLD!! (never used for storage, never left closet) [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] Instroke 2x3 smooth leather SOLD!! (used & missing zipper tab on top pocket) [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] Prices include shipping CONUS Paypal perferred at:
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    FS: 2010 Pete Ohman

    $1100.00 shipped CONUS 6 ebony points NO veneers into BEM forearm (15.5oz) Ebony butt with Hoppe ring Wrap: Stingray embossed Joint 3/8-11 #5 IMC = Pete calls it "Impregnated Maple Core" 2 shafts (both ivory ferrules, both Kamui Med Black tips) 12.96 mm 3.8 oz - played 13.24 mm 3.9 oz -...
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    Cases 4 Sale!!! It's George 2x4 Instroke 2x3

    Its George: black ostrich print, no key. SOLD pending payment Older Instroke: missing zipper pull on top pocket. $165.00 shipped paypal address: Thanks for viewing.
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    TEST qjunkie

    test pic attachment
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    my shrinking collection

    Top - Bottom: Cantando, Tascarella, Omen & Southwest.
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    pool hall in the movie "Smokin Aces"

    Saw the movie again over the weekend on the USA network. Where and what pool hall was used in the movie? Looked like a pretty cool room.
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    WTB 1x2 Ron Thomas w/ accsry cup

    Looking for something plain. No exotic hides. New or used. Thanks
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    Barry Szamboti flat face 3/8-10

    good lawd! Congratulations Ken!
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    Slow Players What are you thinking about?

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    Cleaning Closet: Varney/Zinzola

    Zinzola = Cue # 44 Butt: 18oz Shaft 1: 3.5 oz/13mm Shaft 2: 3.8 oz/13mm <Ivory joint/butt cap> 950.00 shipped ___________________________________________ Varney SP w/ 2 OB-1 shafts (matching ringwork) Butt: 14.8oz Shaft 1: 3.6 oz/12.5mm linen ferrule (swapped by Varney) Shaft 2: 3.4 oz/13mm...
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    Business or Hobby, how do you run it?

    Question for all you cuemakers out there, do you view cue building as a business or hobby? Example SouthWest, in my opinion the run it like a business. Versus maybe a maker like Runde where he doesnt take orders, builds cues for a hobby then some how his cues hit the secondary market. But...
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    TNS cues

    Anyone have experience with these cues and Tom Miligore (sp)? I like the examples Ive seen on
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    cocobolo shaft collar -finish keeps chipping

    I have a cue that the maker used cocobolo w/ nickel ring for a shaft collar. It wasnt my daily player but after taking it out for a couple of racks i notice the finish lifted. I had the shaft refinished once but the finish cracked again. I have been told that because of the oils in the cocobolo...
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    Can Ivory shrink?

    I sold a Mottey w/ a 5/16-14 piloted ivory joint to a friend of mine several months ago and last night at league he had difficulty screwing the shaft onto the butt. The shaft would thread on, then right when the brass insert of the shaft reaches the ivory, it becomes difficult to turn. The shaft...
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    question on your collection

    THis didnt get much love on the main forum so I thought Id post here. Thank you for your responses. Depending of feedback, I may or may not change the focus of my collection. Mike
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    discussion on cue collecting

    Got a question for you cue junkies out there. Why do you collect the cues you collect and how did you go about choosing your theme? I dunno if it qualifies as a theme but my 1st high end (or what I thought at the time) was a Schon. After hanging around a bunch of players w/ South Wests I...