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    Southwest Cue A friend of mine recently died of cancer and asked me to help his ex-wife sell the cue so his daughter can put a down payment toward a car. It's a beautiful with gaboon ebony points and pau...
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    WTB Mezz Ex Pro Shaft (united joint)

    Found one, thanks.
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    Where to play in N. Myrtle Beach

    Looking for a nice pool hall to play in the N. Myrtle Beach area.
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    Did Niels Feijen's Cue Contact the Cueball?

    After sinking the final 9 ball of the Mosconi Cup Niels Feijen threw his cue onto the table and it seemed from watching that the cue ball ran into the cue before stopping. It's not readily apparent as the camera cuts away, but then from another angle it shows the cueball touching his cue...
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    Ray Martin's Big G Table

    Thanks, Jay.
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    Jerry Brock Cue Estimate

    A friend has a 2004 Jerry Brock cue with a dark nicely figured forearm with 2 light points and a leather wrap. I didn't know the woods used. The butt is straight, but the leather wrap sticks out slightly giving it a funny roll. I'm sure if I put it in my lathe it would test fine. The shaft...
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    Saw Stop

    You won't believe this one: I know 4 people who would have benefited from this including a brother.
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    Gandy Corner Castings

    I need 2 silver corner castings for a 9' Gandy Big G table. 919 467-4120 leave message if I'm not there. Thanks, Tom
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    Custom Gulyassy for Sale

    One of Mike's wrap-less customs for sale at SOLD shipped and insured. Shaft pics added. No trades, except maybe a Jerry Brock. It has a beautiful burl forearm and butt with an ebony wrap. The burl is stunning and in the sun it reminded me more of granite than wood. It also has a test hit...
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    WTB Meucci MO5 from 1st Brochure

    I am looking to purchase a Meucci MO5 from their 1st brochure. Picture hopefully attached.
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    Unknown Cue

    Does anyone know this logo? It's not Ted Harris and the cue will be for sale if I can figure out the maker. It was suggested it might be Tom Hedges from Charlotte, NC. Does anyone have contact info for him? Thanks. ... ...
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    Unknown (to me) Cue Mark

    Here's a pic of the logo on the butt cap.
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    Hunter Cue, but Which Hunter?

    It's a Wes Hunter. He's changed the listing to show this. Thanks for the replies. Here is where he bought the cue. and here is where he's selling the cue...
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    OB1 5/16 14 Joint for Sale

    $110.00 FIRM OB1 shaft for sale with 5/16 14 joint. Shaft is straight and ding free weighing 4.15 oz with a Moori tip. There is some bluing from use. Best price is $110 shipped and insured.
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    2nd Joint in cue

    I recently asked a cuemaker to make a 'suitcase cue' that would break down into 3 equally long parts so I could stuff it into a suitcase for travel. He didn't think the joint by the shaft would flex enough for good play and said the second joint was problematic because it was difficult to...
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    Pool in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    I'm headed down there middle of the month for my brother's wedding and wondered if anyone knew anything about the rooms down there? I don't when I'll have the chance to get away, but I'm sure I will and would rather go somewhere recommended than just blind. The last time I spent in Mexico was...
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    JW Plain Jane Player for Sale

    FINAL PRICE SOLD before Ebay I'm selling a Josswest cue for a friend of mine with 2 shafts, but I believe they are not original. Their ringwork is close, but not an exact match. Supposedly, the cue was sold by Keith McCready to someone at the Brass Tap in Raleigh, NC some years ago. Maybe if...
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    Guess the Case Maker

    Just got this a month or so ago.
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    Some Pics from Carolina Classic First Round Matches

    Here's the album.
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