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    Looking for

    Looking for bases for a Brunswick anniversary table
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    Ball pollisher

    Has anyone used a ballstar cleaner and had issues with overheating and blown fuses?
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    Scruggs catalog

    Looking to purchase this catalog. PM if you can help
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    Scruggs Phantom JP’S

    $150 made for my Phantom. Had a new set made. Would like to find a home for these. Look to be made by Jim Baxter Make an offer.
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    WTB 1995 hand of the masters calendar
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    Anything Scruggs (except cues). What ya got ? PM me please
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    Pool room shirts

    Interested in collecting pool hall shirts Any contact info appreciated
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    WTB Scruggs jump

    Looking for a Tim Scruggs jump handle . Maple with the burnt in TS 5/16 -14 With or without shaft. With would be nice I have a photo that I can’t get to download.
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    Hand of the masters

    What years was the hand of the masters calendar produced?
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    1995 hands of the masters pool cue calendar wanted
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    Scruggs SP

    Exceptional Scruggs SP Refinished by Proficient Billiards 2 years ago light use since. If you have thought about getting one of these, this is the one! And with a d but cap. SOLD
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    Trying to contact Dean aka denock or deanoc . I have some cue questions for him, but haven’t seen him on AZ in a while.
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    Scruggs Phantom

    Looking to purchase Scruggs phantom willing to step up $ PM Or email
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    Contact info

    I am trying to purchase a cue from a person who apparently is not on line often. Does anyone have contact information for heinosuke1
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    WTB Tim Scruggs Phantom Or contact information on anyone who has one.
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    One owner cue all original. 19 oz. shafts just under 13 mm Amazing cue highly figured Birdseye Two small finish chips 3,500
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    Georgia's cue fresh finish 10 on 1-10 3,750 But 16.1 Shaft#1- 3.7 / 12.63mm Shaft#2- 3.8 / 12.68mm All white is if $3,750
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    Berry Szamboti

    Titilist But 16.2 Sh#1-4.0 / 12.5mm Sh#2- 4.0 / 12.85mm Sh#3 4.3/ 12.94mm Played cue $5,850 Listing for a friend pm for info and to contact seller
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    Scruggs 5 point

    Ebony into BEM Sh #1 4.2/ 13mm Sh#2 3.8/ 12.82mm $2000 Listing for a friend pm for more info and to make contact with seller. SOLD!
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    Tim Scruggs 5point

    Ebony into Birdseye maple 5/16 14 One original shaft not sure about shaft 2 Shaft #1. 4.2. 13mm Shaft #2. 3.8. 12.82mm Butt 16.1 new wrap Not sure of inlay. Don’t think it’s IV $2,000 Listing for a friend PM for pictures