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    Not twisting head off line

    I seem to have an issue. When I step forward with lead leg my leg (in order to be at lead shoulder width apart) also steps slightly to the side and my head follows which,to me, moves my head off original shot line. Another issue is I bring my cue/bridge hand in from the left and as I’m bringing...
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    Grip thumb

    Anybody else notice Tyler Styer and fedor gorst have a particular way their thumb is positioned on grip hand? They both work with Johan. I wonder if coincidence or some sort of technical thing. If advantages to it I’d love to know what they are.
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    Thinking about going from cynergy to Becue prime m

    As I state above I may do this, but can’t have both and have never tried a Becue shaft. Please convince me I’m making right choice or wrong choice for that matter
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    Pool masters prize money

    Just announced today. 100 G to the winner!
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    Proof of method

    Simple way to prove ( to yourself) if aiming system works. To keep it simple let’s disregard deflection and all that jazz. Basically use a cranfield arrow or some reinforcements as a ghostball. Set it up accurately so if you aim cb at that spot the shot goes. Then basically use your system. If...
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    What in the world is going on?

    So I found I struggle with cutting a ball frozen on rail to my left if using low left( assume I have to for position). Anyways I know if I were to use running English I would have to hit ball and rail at same time and aim to hit a hair fuller to compensate for deflection. Anyways what was...
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    Weight distribution

    Contrary to what most books say I notice a lot of top players appear to be shifting weight backwards. Is it just my perception?
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    Zheng Yubu

    I know it’s a blanket statement but he has the best pattern play I’ve ever seen. Makes Chinese 8 ball look easy. He’s scary good
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    8 ball tournament

    Great pool happening. On the wire creative media page on Facebook
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    Bending down on shot

    Where do you look as you’re bending down into shot? I’d like to hear opinions
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    Steering to right

    Testing out the digicue blue and find I tend to steer tip to the right at times. What causes this?
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    What I’d like to see

    Forgive me if I posted something similar before ( can’t remember). I’d like to see a full instructional dvd devoted to what is “ impossible “ to do or at least not wise. The little things like trying to hold the cb when near impossible or trying to use English to straighten out off rail when...
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    How about some love for Corey?

    Guy is playing well
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    Certain places

    I'm hoping some advanced players/pros will chime in on this question. Are there certain venues/pool halls/bars that you can't seem to play well at? Maybe because of lighting/temp etc? Or does everyone feel high level players wouldn't go through this? Just curious
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    Harold Worst

    I'm enjoying the Don Willis thread so much that I'd like to hear more about Worst other than the little I've found online.
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    Don Willis

    I saw a video where beirbower(?) tells Max Eberle some stories about Willis. Does anybody else have some?
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    Rule question for bank pool players

    Is it a foul if you shoot and don't contact any ball? I assume it but didn't see it listed on list of fouls when I was trying to look it up
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    Black Ops team USA

    I saw on matchroom sports that team USA will play in Kremlin Cup then train at a secret location in Russia. Sounds cool to me!!
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    Back hand movement

    Noticed a lot of pros hold the stick with one hand then kind of throw it and catch it therefore adjusting their grip. It happens before putting bridge hand on cue. Probably nothing more than a readjustment but nobody I know does it. Any advantage to this?
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    Average runs

    I know it has been asked many times about people's highest package, but what is a norm for you? Like, for example, on any given night do you commonly run 2 packs? More?What game?