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    Bad rail cushions?

    A local table mechanic recovered 3 Gold Crowns with new cushions. The table plays terrible!! All 3 cushion banks go long by one diamond and if you place a cue ball in the corner and bank off the side rail it will bank very long. The Mechanic said he got his cushions from Mueller and that...
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    I. D. Old SCHMELKE and value?

    A customer gave me this cue to refinish. Can't find any information Thanks Bob Elston Sun City AZ I took the finish off and the bottom ring was yellow & turned into a white pearl Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Help id Old cue

    Handle Dia. 1.345" Joint .825" Pin 5 x16 - 14 tpi Peralized plastic on Butt Thanks Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Arizona Senior Olympics 8 Ball

    Register Now for the 2017 Arizona Senior Olympics Singles 8 Ball Tournament March 1st Men & March 2nd Women Lakeview Lanes 10502 West Thunderbird Blvd Sun City AZ 85351 Gold, Silver, & Bronze medals! Matches will be Double Elimination Race to 3 for the Men &...
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    Diamond table rail bolts

    Had some new Diamond tables installed and the small bolt in the metal bracket they are loose? Aren't they supposed to be tight? See attached photo Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Diamond table rail bolts?

    Had some new Diamond tables installed. The bolts on the rails are all Loose? The ones in the metal bracket. See photo aren't these supposed to be tight? Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Id help Old Viking

    I'm fixing this cue for an older gentleman and I can't find the model in the Blue Book of Pool Cues. Any ideas?
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    cue id. ?

    A guy brought me this cue to work on. Can anyone identify? The cue is a snooker cue very long 65" with a 12.55 mm tip & is heavy 24.15 oz. The joint is like a quick release. Bob Elston Sun City Az
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    what kind of old cue is this?

    Who is the maker? old cue well worn, piloted brass joint, looks like an old viking with the clear plastic missing on the butt. Name sticker of the owner or maker? Of ELTON. The butt cap has about 7/16 thread and screws into the butt. Thanks for the help Sun City Az Cue maker
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    Meucci black dot shaft delamination

    Has anyone had a Meucci black dot shaft delaminate? Do you think it can be sent back to Meucci as a defective shaft?
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    air bubbles in finish

    Got a new can from the manufactuer. Applied the same way and no bubbles, old was unopened and a year old by the date stamp on the bottom of the can.
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    air bubbles in finish

    Im using enduro -var urethane water based product minwax sanding sealer wipe down the cue and have it slowly spinning apply the product and i am getting air bubbles. I stir and apply with a foam brush. This has worked in the past?
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    u.s. open racking rules

    Is the one or the nine going on the head spot? I looked on line? Also called the web site at 7574998900 and all the lady would say is to find out more to attend the players meeting.
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    Cue sound?

    I made a shaft used a LaPro tip, xtc capped ferrule. Gave it to the customer and he said it "Tinks" when he draws the ball? What can I do to change the hit? I shortened the ferrule (took the capped end off) & put another LaPro tip. Hope this will work. Or should i use a different type of ferrule?