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    Thomas Wayne

    We actually met at Cuestock Larry but I'm pretty forgettable i
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    Thomas Wayne

    I have 3 of his cues. I met him at Cuestock in 2014 (I think). He's an interesting guy
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    Classic Gilbert 4-pointer, Two shafts, Ostrich wrap

    Nice cue but definitely not a Gilbert. Andy is left handed and always signs his pointed cues with the G toward the joint using the point as the bottom line. Your cue is signed on the wrong side of the point and it looks nothing like Andy's writing. Look at any cue with points Andy has ever...
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    Radial Laminated Shafts

    I have 12 8 piece radial laminated shafts from Pm email address for pics or go to All are .750 at the tip and 1 inch at the butt. Price is for all 12 $300 shipped
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    Loading pics

    I have posted hundreds of pics on AZ over the years but now when I try to upload it says I am missing a security token. Any help will be appreciated
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    Richard Harris Cur

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    Missing Gilbert Cue

    The USPS says that this cue was "separated from it's packaging" in Pensacola Florida during shipping. The cue was insured. Andy and Vicki Gilbert would like to know who might have separated it from it's packaging. If anyone sees this cue please let Andy and Vicki know or contact me and I will...
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    Missing Gilbert Cue

    Moved to Main Page
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    Odd cue design

    Here are som pics of WW cues I currently own.
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    Madison Bob Cue

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    3 Alex Brick Cues

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    Points made completely out of veneers

    Here is an old McDaniel cue that is almost all veneer points. Not exactly what your looking to do but maybe it will help
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    Show off your Burl cues!!!

    Andy Gilbert "ECO" cue from Cuestock 2014
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    Flashy Gilbert Cue

    Gilbert 4 point cue. Other than a little bluing on one shaft this cue is mint. Everything straight. Butt 15.7 ounces both shafts 3.8 ounces 12.9 SOLD
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    Alex Brick Ebony and Purpleheart

    Ebony and purple heart Alex Brick.A couple of small nicks in the clear coat but otherwise great condition. Everything rolls straight. This cue does not have the AB sticker on the butt cap Butt 28.75 inches 15.9 ounces Shaft 29.25 inches 3.8 ounces 12.95mm Gone
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    Palmer PM 9

    Palmer P.M 9 from the Pete Margo line. Everything Rolls straight. Butt and shaft are in excellent condition. Shaft collar matches but is slightly smaller than joint collar so I assume it is not the original shaft. There is a weight bolt but I don't know how heavy it is. Butt 17 ounces Shaft...
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    Gilbert 6 point

    2004 Gilbert 6 point cue. Ebony points and butt sleeve. Red, black and maple veneers. Very minor clear coat chipping on the joint and a couple of very small nicks in butt sleeve (the worst one is pictured). The cue has an Ivory joint and hoppe ring so I can not ship it to states with ivory ban...
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    Wtb gilbert cue .... Today!!!

    Here's one
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    dieckman carom cue

    This one is available. I'm not sure about the value but would appreciate someone giving me an idea about the value
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    BEM Plain Jane's Only---- Show us yours!

    Herer are a few that I've had for quite a while