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    I have PHX, Perfect Hit Extreme cues for sale. They will out play, out jump and out break anything on the market. 864-430-7797 Mike Gulyassy
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    Smokey Mountain Shootout April 25,26&27

    There are 3 spots left and absolutely no way to get in now. We will have 30 or 40 on the waiting list. But this will be the event of the year as always in the Carolinas. It is being held at the Parks and Recreation Building (Old Armory) in Waynesville, NC. 44 Boundary St. The men's prize fund is...
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    Smokey Mountain Shootout

    There are 20 spots left in the 128 man field for the 25 anniversary shootout. Anyone interested in getting in need to send their money and entry form immediately. It has only been 3 weeks since the flyers were mailed out and we will fill up. Anyone can play Efren, Johnny, Bustamonte, SVB you are...
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    25th annual Smokey Mountain Shootout

    This years Smoky Mountain Shootout is the 25th year and is called the Silver Anniversary. This tournament has had 128 players every year for 25 years with winners like Shannon Daulton, Larry Nevel. Stevie Moore, Brian White, Keith McCready, Mike Gulyassy, Scott Rabon, Mike Painter, Earl Kellum...
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    Gulyassy SPT shafts

    What pros are using my SPT low deflection and maximum power shafts.Earl Strickland has one on a Gulyassy butt and Steve Moore and Larry Nevel has one on their butts. Probably the 2 most powerful players in the US and one of the greatest younger players in the US. Any feed back on my product, I...
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    Bludworth 4 saw blade 3 axis shaft tapering machine. It needs new software. Bludworth table saw shaft tapering kit new in the box. Pantograph Gorton 3U inlaying machine. Take $4000.00 for everything. 864-430-7797 Mike
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    Bludworth 4 saw blade shaft taper machine 3 axis, needs new software and a few springs. It was $12,000.00 new. Bludworth table saw kit for tapering shafts, brand new in the box. Pantograph Gorton 3U. I will take $4,000.00 for everything. 864-430-7797 Mike
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    The best break/jump cue.

    I want to share an experience I had last night. A friend of mine called Larry Nevel on the phone with the speaker phone on and asked him about a test he did with a Predator, Lomax, Fury and a Sledgehammer. He stated that the slowest breaking cue out of the 4 was my Sledgehammer. I find that hard...
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    Break Jump

    I have a Sledgehammer that i reconditioned. New pins, new finish, new shaft but original size and logo. It is perfect with my FT2 ferule and a Samsara tip. $315.00 shipped
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    2 Bludworth shaft machines for sale.

    I have 2 Bludworth shaft tapering machines that I am selling. One is a CNC 4 saw table machine that needs work and I have a new in the box Bludworth table saw shaft tapering kit. I will take $5,000.00 for both. You must come and get them for this deal. I want them out of my shop to make room...
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    Gulyassy Giant Cue.

    I am making a new cue called the Giant Cue. It is 64 to 72 inches and working well on the big table, I mean the 5 by 10. The first one I made was for Earl Strickland but lately I have made one for Steve Moore who is my player representative and another player in Las Vegas named Joe. They are...
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    Merry Christmas

    I have several cues ready for my Christmas special of 15% off. PM me for pictures, playing and b/j ready to ship. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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    Grim Reaper jump Cue Christmas sale

    I still have some Grim Reaper jump cues with 3 handles ready to ship for $115.00. Call mike at 864-430-7797 or or just PM me.
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    Reconditioned Sledgehammer

    I have a Sledgehammer that I have reconditioned, new pins, new finish and a new BTX shaft with a Samsara tip. It is Brown Cherry handle and a natural Curly maple fore arm, 19 oz. Take $300.00 shipped.
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    Grim Reaper summer blow out sale

    The Grim Reaper is my patented jump cue. It comes with my patented FT2 ferrule/tip the best unbreakable ferrule that holds chalk like a leather tip. This is because it fuzz up when sanded unlike the other phenolic tips that do not hold chalk as well. This material is exclusive to my cues. It is...
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    Grim Reaper summer blow out sale
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    Grim Reaper summer blow out sale

    $100.00 Grim Reaper sale with $10.00 MG Joint protectors or not. $15.00 shipping. 3 handles and a shaft with my patented FT2 ferrule/tip. Unconditionally guaranteed., or pay pal or call Mike @ 864-458-7662.
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    Grim Reaper summer blow out sale

    I have a few Grim Reapers left and I and I am blowing them out the door this summer at $100.00 plus $15.00 shipping. They weigh the same as the cue ball and will come with 3 handles, 13, 12 and 6 inch. If you have thought about a great jump cue send $115.00 via pay pal or...
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    one left

    I have one Orange Crusher left. I have joint protectors for Sledgehammers. I have Grim Reapers on sale. call mike at 864-458-7662 or
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    The last Orange Crusher

    I have one Orange Crusher left. This is available at