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    Older Thin Schon shaft FS

    I have a older Schon shaft for sale. It's very thin about 11.35mm at the ferrule. Weighs in a 3.20 oz's Looks to be a ivory ferrule with original spacer & tip. Has a tapper roll (a couple of credit cards) but the ferrule stays flat. What you would expect from a thinner shaft. I screwed it on a...

    ****New Shafts for my Schon****

    Would like to thank Rodrod here on AZ for selling me his old 80's shafts from his old Schon. Still had original tips. 12.90 to 13mm. Ivory ferrules. 4.25 oz's each. Was trying to find a matching set for my cue pictured. 1988 Snakewood series. These shafts hit just like they did back in the old...

    *** wtb schon wooden joint caps ***

    Looking to purchase butt only vintage Schon brand black wooden joint protector. Will buy sets also if that's how they come. PM me here please. Thanks in advance! Tony

    *** Joey Bautista BEM FS ***

    Hello there, For sale is a mint Joey Bautista. Awesome BEM Specs are: Butt 15.40 oz 29.25 inches 3/8x11 ss pin Shafts are both 4.20 ozs 29.25 inches with micarta inserts Searing med tips.Tight grain. Stag joint and collars. Brown leather wrap. This cue is a player! If you like a solid stiff...

    Wtb 2x2 or 2x3 brown leather case

    Wtb 2x4 or 2x3 brown leather case Must have a shoulder strap and a storage pocket. 2X4 OR 2X3 PLEASE Outside can looked used but tubes must be clean with working zippers. Justis,Whitten,Murnak or JB are preferred please. 200.00 to 350.00 budget. PM me with what you got Thanks in advance!

    Randy mobley contact info

    Hello, I'm looking for Randy Mobley's contact info. I need a shaft repair. Please PM me here. Thanks in advance! Tony

    Randy mobley contact info

    Hello, I'm looking for Randy Mobley's contact info. I need a shaft repair. Please PM me here. Thanks in advance! Tony

    Randy mobley contact info

    Hello, I'm looking for Randy Mobley's contact info. I need a shaft repair. Please PM me here. Thanks in advance! Tony

    *** wtb richard chudy shafts***

    not needed thanks
  10. TONYJR

    *** Kielwood Diveney with Murnak 2x4 ***

    Hey there. For sale is a great package. A Pat Diveney cocobolo & kielwood cue with 2 shafts and a nice Jim Murnak 2x4 tooled case all for xxxxx shipped. Cue has no nicks or dings. very light blueing on the maple shaft. 58 inch cue. 3/8 x 10 pin. Butt weighs 15.25 oz and both shafts are at...
  11. TONYJR

    ****beautiful tascarella fs****

    ****Beautiful Tascarella fs**** ......gone......
  12. TONYJR

    Trade High end Justis/Ross for cue *******

    Here's a chance to own one of the final 13 exotic cases from Jack. This one is black elephant and fully tooled by Ron Ross.Lizard inserts in the diamonds and lid. Numbered 2of13 with letter of authenticity. Will entertain trade offers from top tier markers. And can trade up or down. Will sell...
  13. TONYJR

    New Justis/Ross tooled case ********

    Got my case the other day. Thought I'd share some pics. It's number 2 of the final 13 exotic cases and 1 of the 2 last Ron Ross tooled case's that will be done. Very happy with it. Thanks Jack !
  14. TONYJR

    *** Richard Chudy LD Shaft FS ***

    Rc3 LD shaft for sale. 13.00mm 4.00 ozs 29''. 3/8x10 pin One of Richard's layered tips. Never used. xxx SOLD xxx SOLD Thanks for looking Tony
  15. TONYJR

    Free old bca patch's & misc free

    Here's some old BCA patches and some other misc things I don't need. Thought maybe someone had a need for them? First one to PM me they're address get's them mailed to them. Thanks Tony THEY'RE GONE FOLKS
  16. TONYJR

    joint protecters/tomahawk ferrule rod FS

    Have this stuff laying around that I'm not using. All in the picture Old Schon wood protectors. 1 butt 1 shaft 5/16 x14 Radial pin plastic 2 butt 3 shaft Cocobolo 1 butt 5/16 x 14 Some tomahawk ferrule rod Some red tip backers 1 white diamond tip. Wont separate anything. ****** SOLD SOLD SOLD...
  17. TONYJR

    Porper 2x4 fs

    Hey there, Selling a vinyl Porper 2x4 i've had around. Could pass for new. Only used it a few times. Dark blue in color. Made in the USA. I think these are discontinued now but I may be wrong. Price is SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped UPS to your door. Paypal gift please. Thanks for looking Tony
  18. TONYJR

    WTB starter cue for friend

    Have a guy I work with just getting into playing and he's in search of a decent entry level cue for 140.00. Not picky just straight with a good tip. Please email pics to I can forward the email to him. I will be the buyer. Thanks in advance Tony
  19. TONYJR

    ***** WTB 2x4 Murnak or Justis ******

    Hello there, As title says. Murnak or Justis prolite or older tube is fine. 3x5 or 3x6 is fine too. Not fussy on color but all zippers must work and no initials/names on case. 400.00 shipped is my budget. Thank you Tony I found the case I was looking for. Thank you for all the inquires.
  20. TONYJR

    **** NEW Rc3 & Justis case ****

    Hey there, New Richard Chudy just arrived today & I couldn't be happier. He was showing it at the ICCS in Vegas We've been going back and forth for 9 months on design's and came up with this. Honduran rosewood burl & BEM. Both with very nice grain Blue,black & yellow bridged veneers with...