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  1. jmizzo

    Mike Dechaine is doing an AMA on Reddit.
  2. jmizzo

    Help Identifying a cue - this one is tricky

    Here is what I am told, of which I believe almost none of. -Cue is from the 60's -Cue is stated to be a Joss -Has a 3/8 joint -Full Ivory Joint -Buttpcap replaced -Would not let me remove bumper to see weight bolt -Tiny points, single veneer, and then two double thick veneers -Looks to be Ebony...
  3. jmizzo

    LTT: Super Bob Owen Frank Paradise Tribute - Loaded and Gorgeous

    Looking to trade an absolutely gorgeous Bob Owen Frank Paradise Tribute. Cue comes with two original shafts and a Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shaft made to match cue by Bob. Collars are super close to matching, but not exactly. Joint: Stainless 3/8x11 Shafts: 12.70mm, 3.3oz and 3.5oz with ivory...
  4. jmizzo

    Looking to trade a Loaded with Ivory and Silver Zinzola Ivory cue.

    Looking to trade one of the nicest cues I have/will ever own. The sole reason for trading is that the pin is a piloted radial, and I shoot with a Jacoby Edge Hybrid shaft and I don' t want to purchase another one. Cue is the absolutely loaded with Ivory and has some of the longest points I have...
  5. jmizzo

    I keep ordering the wrong stuff for my table

    I need to get at least 8 5/16 x 1/4 feather strips and 3/16 neoprene pocket facings, hopefully from the same person/store to maximize shipping. Any ideas where to look? It is for a Gabriels table with artemis rubber. Thanks for any help. joe
  6. jmizzo

    WTB Neoprene pocket facing

    Looking to buy neoprene pocket facing pieces. I assume they come in packs of 16, but would take 20 if available. Thanks.
  7. jmizzo

    Two BK3 for sale or for trade

    Pics and description to come this evening. BK3 wrapless- $old and shipped. Someone got a great deal. Tip was changed, no idea what it is but its a monster. Couple of bumps and bruises but in good condition. BK3 Sportswrap w/ weight bolt kit- 400 Nice cue, no known blemishes, will check...
  8. jmizzo

    Grey Stained Maple TNT cue - $115

    Grey stained Maple TNT Cue. Has an Irish linen wrap, g10 pin, maple shaft (right around 13mm, will check when I get home) and no idea what tip. Bought cue to use for one hour at the pool hall with my wife (bar cues were terrible). I have no need for it. Sold gets it shipped. I do not have a...
  9. jmizzo

    Here we go again - Another bad seller thread

    I am still trying to get this resolved, but the seller doesn't seem to care or want to do anything to get things right. I thought I would ask the forum what I should do, or what is appropriate. So I bought a very nice cue from a user on the forum, and it was advertised as having a 3/8x10 pin...
  10. jmizzo

    LD Shafts

    Predator 314 - 5/16x18 28" shaft, 12.65 Some nicks in the ferrule- $130 shipped Predator 314-2 - 5/16x18 29" Shaft, 12.7mm - $165 shipped Mezz WD700 - 5/16x14 United Joint 29" shaft (will fit normal 5/16x14 piloted joints) 12mm - $165 Shipped Shafts are used. The original 314 has some...
  11. jmizzo

    Robert Harris Cue - Tons of inlay

    Robert Harris Cue Cocobolo I think, with flame veneers. I asked Robert if the inlays were ivory, and he didn't think they were. Cue is in used condition, there is a scrape on the wrap and an air bubble under the finish by the joint on the shaft. Cue is certainly a looker. Has a Barioni tip on...
  12. jmizzo

    Killer Jacoby - Ebony, Spalted Maple, and Tulipwood

    This cue is absolutely nuts. One of the nicest looking cues I have ever owned. Comes with matching 13mm Edge Hybrid shaft. Ebony buttplate and forearm, Spalted Maple points and sectioned handle. Tulipwood joint and inlays. Original price was $1695 Priced to sell for Pending to your door...
  13. jmizzo

    1995 Randy Mobley

    1995 Randy Mobley Cue. Uni-loc shafts Refinish and a shaft made by Brian Mordt Two original shafts Leather Wrap Full Album w. better pics from when I bought the cue: $old
  14. jmizzo

    Mezz Z405 W/ WD700 Shatt

    Well used Mezz cue. Comes with WD 700 shaft. Laminated forearm with white inlay and turquoise. Cue has plenty of wear, hence the great price. Full album: Priced to sell at $325.
  15. jmizzo

    Huebler Custom Shop - Ebony - If cues could talk, this one would have a story

    Huebler Custom Shop - Custom ebony Not sure what this cues story would be, but this cue has seen some use of the years. Butt rolls straight, taper roll on shaft, but nothing leaves the table. This cue I believe is an earler model. It is about an inch shorter than a normal cue, which would be...
  16. jmizzo

    Jacoby C10 w/ OB Classic - Sick deal @ 325

    Jacoby C10 cue with OB Classic Shaft Cues has plenty of wear, scratches and such. A refinish and this cue would be perfect. OB Classic in great shape as well. Ebony points, with tulipwood inlay. Nice looking and shooting cue. 5 Ebony Points Mother of pearl and tulipwood inlay 5/16x14 joint...
  17. jmizzo

    Are all feather strips equal?

    I am looking to order a set of feather strips to refelt my rails. Pooldawg has them for like 12 bucks, and they are 24 at Seyberts. I would rather buy from Seyberts, but at double the price, it makes no sense. They have a 110% price guarantee, but they aren't branded, so I am sure they will say...
  18. jmizzo

    Does anyone know what these are called?

    I lost/wasn't one in one of the spots for this on my Gabriels table. They are threaded with a pass thru to lock in the corner bracket to the side skirts. There are two sizes, I need the smaller one. Is this something a hardware store carries? What would I call them. Sorry for the bad quality.
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    Pool Nation for Xbox 360 on sale today for 99 cents!

    During todays Microsoft sale, here is the link
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    Brunswick Willie Hoppe Made in Canada?

    Were the titleists ever made in Canada?