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    22 out of 23

    Is running 22 out of 23 racks possible? Run a pack then miss one...opponent misses and player A runs out the rest. Heard a story once about it happening on a bar table.
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    Looking for a Jackpot cue

    Made a deal, no longer looking. Thanks! I got $600 to spend one. Hear they play great! Can someone get me one or a ebony merry widow with the same specs for less?
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    Snooker cues

    Been watching snooker for the past couple days. Can some tell these clueless people that they would shoot way better if they loss the brass ferrules and switched to a Revo? I'm joking of course.
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    Anyone make a short shaft

    Getting a pool table but ther will be a couple spots where a short cue is needed. Does anyone make a short, say 18-20 shaft, with a pro taper to use with an existing butt?
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    Olhausen Monarch Materials

    Not looking for a Brunswick vs Olhausen vs Diamond debate since I can easily search that. I am wondering if someone could answer a question for me. Is most of the wood on a Olhausen Monarch solid? I am assuming the pedestals and apron are MDF with veneer with the bed/frame being solid. Attached...
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    NOS Helmstetter H-10

    Just picked this up locally. NOS Helmstetter H-10. Titlist colors on rosewood with tulip and white inlays in the butt sleeve. Not sure of the white material but it has some grain; ivory knockoff? Looks like 5/16x14 pin but I'm not sure. There's some lifting at the butt capand a small finish...
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    Ultraskin soft

    Does anyone have 2 Ultraskin soft tips that they'd like to sell?
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    Davis blanks today vs Balabushka

    I've been seeing Davis full splice blanks for sale and noticed that the points seem long. As in, once a joint collar is put on, the tips of the points look like they would be fairly close to the collar. I understand that he provided blanks for Balabushka at one point butI I don't remember seeing...
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    Q Masters and the Military

    So I'm currently in my last months of a unaccompanied tour to Turkey and will be stationed in VA next. I greatly look forward to being with family and some time off from 15 months of overseas service. With that being said, soon I will be living close to Q Masters, home of the US Open. I'm sure...
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    Decent cheap cue for Turkey

    Decent cheap cue for overseas military member Good evening everyone. I'm looking for a cheap full splice cue for under $150. I am currently on an overseas unaccompanied tour to Turkey with the military and didn't bring a cue with me. I could have family send me one of mine but i figure with the...
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    My small collection

    So I gave in to the auction bug and ended up with two more cues. One a Adam Jim Rempe 7 and the other a Competition. I'm sure some of you may have seen them for auction. The Rempe is in really good condition for its age, all it really needs is a shaft cleaning. The finish is almost perfect, at...
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    trade up

    I have a Jim Lee made from a John Davis blank, an unknown 4 point and some cash. Looking to trade up. What do you have? Pics are from one of my post and a post by bklynjava who I got the JL from.
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    black walnut

    I have a black walnut tree in my yard that needs trimmed. If any pieces are large enough, should I keep them for future use?
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    here's another id thread

    So here's a cue I took in on a trade. It was a complete crap shoot, but I was willing to roll the dice. It looks to be a conversion made a long time ago. The previous owner got it in Las Vegas 20+ years ago and said it was aged when he bought it. He has the inkling that it is a Kersenbrock, but...
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    Cue ID please

    Can anyone I'D this cue? 60", looks like ivory, 5/16x18. That's all I know.
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    Richard Benson

    Richard Benson with titlist color veneers and Hoppe style ring. Here's pics. Also comes with a tooled leather case made to accommodate the different sized shafts. Comes with 3 shafts. Looking to sell or trade. $traded. Send me your offers.
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    install pricing

    So I'm having a 9 ft AMF disassembled and installed with new Simonis 860. The job includes disassembly, delivery approx 100 miles away and install including putting new cloth on the rails. What is a fair price? I've been quoted at $1000 including cost of cloth which is about $300 for a 9ft...
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    AMF model

    From what I'm told this is a pre-playmaster AMF. It is a commercial grade table. I paid $500. Can anyone identify the age of this table? Thanks. Btw the skirt/apron is covered in vinyl (pleather).
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    Table Mech Columbia MO

    Can anyone recommend a good table mechanic to disassemble a table in Columbia/Jefferson City MO and deliver/setup in Warrensburg MO? its about an 1.5 hour drive each way. Thanks.
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    AMF or Brunswick Century

    So I am looking at two tables. One is a AMF from the 1960s the other is a Century. The AMF has that classic pool hall table look, similar to a GC. The Century for some reason looks kinda cheap to me. Which would you get and why? BTW the AMF is $200 more