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    2022 World Cup of Pool Draw: Thoughts and Predictions Thread

    But if I'm not mistaken, Fedor as an individual is barred from all Matchroom events (I could be wrong, but I thought I read that somewhere). Then what about players from China, for instance? Are there no atrocities being committed by their government? This is the slippery slope I was talking...
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    2022 World Cup of Pool Draw: Thoughts and Predictions Thread

    It's BS to punish athletes for the actions of their government. Once you make a stand for one perceived atrocity, you'll have to do it for another. Watch, it will be another country next year, then three more the following year, then it will get to the point where nobody can play.
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    Calling Dr. Dave! SVB "Foul" @ UK Open

    It is hard to see with the eye, even in slow motion, but the reaction of the balls tells the whole story pretty clearly. Whether the cue ball hit the 3 first and then the rail, or it hit rail-ball-rail, the last thing it contacted was the rail. The spring of the cue ball away from the rail shows...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Daddy never sleeps at night. Unless someone beat me to it. In that case, disregard. I'm about 7 pages behind.
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    SVB wrong shot Choice ?

    I agree with most of the replies. I think the shot was a very high percentage one for Shane. Also, playing a safety successfully, especially against one of the best players on the planet, does not automatically guarantee that you'll win the game. The only way to guarantee that is to keep your...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Time to put your foot down. No more progress!!!
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Is this a video clip from Jocko Willink's first day of school?
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    Fedor vs Alex money match starts tonight. Who do you guys like ?

    Alex paid for the option to throw out the score from day 1 and start fresh in a race to 50. My understanding is that the price for that was 6k.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I'm guessing he looked as closely as necessary. He was asking if that was Michelle Obama, as the two are similarly equipped....allegedly.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Dokken? One of these things is not like the
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    Chuck Markulis 9-ball Winner?

    Maybe. Might have been Oscar catching a fat gear too. Or a combination of the two.
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    We have a winner. No need for more examples. lol
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    Gold Crown IV Pro 8 Rebuild

    I know almost nothing about guitars except that I like listening to them and this one is a beauty.
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    bj ussery

    In my opinion, his behavior was disrespectful to his opponent and to the streamers. I'm sure he is a good guy, but he robbed his opponent of a quality victory and he robbed the streamers of the ability to put on a quality stream for which they went through a considerable amount of effort to...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    It's gotta be a 45-70 or something along those lines? Doesn't look very fun to shoot.
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    One pocket WWYD - After Break

    Split the 10/1 at break speed. 7 goes off the 15 and pockets the wired 2 into your hole. Then run
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I must be super-human or something. It's a piece of cake for me to scroll past the ones that don't amuse me. What an iron will I must have.
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    How have Revo's held up now that they've been out 4-5 years?

    I've had mine for a few years now. It seems pretty much indestructible (at least by accident) and it still plays great. I'd never go back.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    He's just a little bit funnier than you.