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    Brunswick Identification???

    This table is for sale locally. Here is the ad. Moving Sale-Older Brunswick pool table-Slate is 1.5" thick Built strong and is an excellent table. Anyone have any info on this?
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    McDermott Identification????

    Does anyone know the model number of this cue?
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    Best price on a P3????

    I am looking for a good price on a Predator P3 in Black with a wrap. Anyone here know where the best place is to get it?
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    Any Cue Makers in Cebu Phillipines?

    I have a friend in Cebu, Phillipines right now and he wanted to find a cue maker there but is having a hard time finding one. Anyone know if there are any in that area?
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    Predator cue package WTB

    I want to buy a player, a jump, and a break cue that all matches. I am mainly interested in Predator. New or used is fine. Please send photos and prices. I will also like a predator case.
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    $200 to spend right now!

    I have $200 to spend immediately! Best cue offered at that price wins! Pics must be sent to
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    WTB Jacoby

    I need to buy a good cue to play with. I am ready to buy! The best deal sent to me by next weekend is the cue I buy! It must be a Jacoby though! P.s. There was a dealer on here who could get awesome prices on Jacoby cues. If you read this send me a PM please. We have talked in the past.
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    870 express super magnum for a jacoby?

    I am looking for a player jacoby. I have an 870 express super magnum. The gun is in great shape and I will work on getting some pictures up. Thanks Guys, Mike
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    Tikka Rifle for Jacoby Cue?

    Tikka Rifle for Cue? SPF!!!!! [ATTACH]197771[/ATTACH]I have a Stainless Tikka T3 lite in .22-250 that I would like to trade for a "NICE" cue. Please PM me photo's of the cue or email me at SCOPE NOT INCLUDED
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    Scorpion Jump Cue

    It is maybe 5 years old and still is in great condition. $40 shipped! Pm for pics!
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    Porper 4x8 Black Case

    I am selling my porper 4x8 case that was used for 2 seasons. It is still in great condition! I will ship it to you for $90! Please PM for pics.
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    Jacoby "The Edge" Break Cue

    It is the brown model and was used for one season. $160 shipped to your door! It is in awesome condition! PM me you email if you want pics!
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    WTT My Jacoby for Hunting Items!!!! Here is the cue!:thumbup:
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    Jim Baxter Cues?

    I am working on a possible trade and would like some info. on a Jim Baxter cue. Can anyone help me out?
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    Custom Jacoby!! VERY NICE!

    I am selling this custom Jacoby cue! I emailed Jacoby some pictures of it to get some more info on it. I have enclosed the reply I received from Jacoby. First to post an I'll take it on this thread gets it! After that if the first buyer backs out or falls through it will go to the next in line...
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    I want this jacoby.

    It is probably not going to happen but I am looking for this cue. I can have them make me another one but I dont want to wait for it. New or used is fine. Cue Mart has the best prices on Jacoby cues I have found so far! Just thought I...
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    WTB Jacoby! I will buy the best deal!

    I am looking for another Jacoby! I am looking for the best deal on here. Whats on here? I may buy 2 if the prices are right, due to the fact my wife needs a player! pics to
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    WTB Filipino cue

    I want to see all the Filipino cues for sale on here. I am particularly interested in Audrick cues but dont really know many other names. Batista, is he filipino? Pics and prices please! Thanks, Mike
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    Got laid off!

    Well I hate to do it but I have to sell my baby. It is a Mcdermott Navigator II with an extra matching shaft. It is in excellent shape! I did a search on this cue and the cheapest I can find it for is over $650 and that is with one shaft. I will let it go for $525 shipped to your door. One shaft...
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    Scorpion Jump cue

    I am looking to sell a scorpion jump cue with a brand new G10 tip. Asking $70 Accepting trades! I am also looking for some training videos! Thanks, Mike