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  1. Sam Waltz

    Feb 4-5th OB's Billiards St. Robert, MO 9-ball Tourney

    Location: OB's Billiards 982 Old Route 66 St. Robert, MO 65584 573-336-8808 Game: 9-ball Entry Fees: $25.00 Format: Double elimination Race to 9 on both sides Time: Calcutta starts at noon on the 4th with tournament following immediately thereafter. Added money: $500 with a field of 32...
  2. Sam Waltz

    Nov 19th, 2011 Turkey Shootout, Billiards of Springfield, MO

    Annual Billiards of Springfield Turkey Shootout -November 19th, 2011 -Doors open at 9am -Tourney to kick-off at 10am -Race to 5 on both sides of the bracket -Winner breaks -$20.00 entry with $5.00 greens fee for a total of $25.00 -I will pay as far down as I can with the lowest paid position...
  3. Sam Waltz

    Missouri State 8-Ball, Nov. 4-6, 2011

    Attached is the flyer for the Missouri State 8-Ball Tournament, which will be happening the 4th-6th of November this year. For more information please contact: Scott Morris, Billiards of Springield's Manager 541 East St. Louis Street Springfield, MO 65806 (417)866-4319 Hope to see you there...
  4. Sam Waltz

    Two rams collide...

    It's not perfect, but it's a damned sweet match...I've got a refreshed respect for Ronnie after watchin' this one. :thumbup:
  5. Sam Waltz

    Yukio Akagariyama....WOW!

    Yukio Akagariyama, congrats on the world championship...but even more importantly, your obviously one helluva guy! Check out this article and tell me if your not impressed by this man's generosity to his country and fellow humans. :thumbup: ROCK ON and best of luck in the future! I hope this...
  6. Sam Waltz

    6/12/2011 St. Robert's, MO 9-ball at Chicken Bones by Big Louies

    Come one, come all... Date: 6/12/2011, YES, that is this Sunday! Time: 1PM sign-ups with calcutta to follow Location: Chicken Bones, right by Big Louie's in St. Roberts, MO Game: 9-ball Rules: Texas Express Races: 4 on both sides of the bracket, winner breaks, rack your own Entry Fees...
  7. Sam Waltz

    Billiards of Springfield One Pocket Tournament

    Billiards of Springfield One Pocket Tournament Date: Saturday May21st, 2011 Time: 10:00AM, doors open at 9:00AM Entry Fees: $65.00+$10.00 greens fee=$75.00 Format: Double Elimination Matches: Race to 3 both sides, Alternate break, Coin flip for first break Paying top 25% of field 32 man...
  8. Sam Waltz

    2011 Missouri State Amateur Nine-ball Championship 11-13th Feb, 2011

    It's once again time to crown an annual Missouri State Amateur Nine-ball Champion! This years tournament will be held at: Billiards of Springfield 541 E. St. Louis Street Springfield, MO 65806 Co-Sponsors: and Preliminary/Qualifying rounds will commence...
  9. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards Turkey Shootout Nov. 29th 10AM Kickoff time

    Springfield Billiard's Turkey Shootout First 64 players to show up and pay will play! Location: Billiards of Springfield 541 E St. Louis Street Springfield, MO (417)866-4319 Billiards has a full bar and menu to appease your appetites so enjoy. Game: 9-Ball Entry fees: $25.00 + $5.00/greens...
  10. Sam Waltz

    Happy B-Days!

    Happy birthday to cueandcushion and Incanada9! :thumbup: For those who don't know, cueandcushion does a ton for the St. Louis pool scene and Incanada9 is none other than Larry "The Truth" Nevel.
  11. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 9-Ball 6/31/2009 3PM

    This is now a monthly tournament and today is the day! So come join us for some fun and hopefully entertaining pool play. Enjoy the insanity! Kickin' off at 3PM CST...earlier if anyone shows up to play some prior to the tourney. :thumbup:
  12. Sam Waltz

    Company name competition (prizes to be won)

    Work is I'm gonna have some fun! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  13. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 8-Ball 3PM 4-26-2009

    Streaming our 9-Ball tournament starting at 3PM today. Come join in the fun!
  14. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 9-Ball 4-19-2009 3PM

    I'll be streaming our 9-Ball tournament today kickin' off at 3PM! Come on over and enjoy the fun! :thumbup:
  15. Sam Waltz

    Springifeld Billiards 8-Ball 4-12-2009 3PM CST

    Happy Easter everyone! I'll be streaming our 8-ball tournament today starting at 3PM CST. I don't know what kind of a field we'll have with today being a holiday, but I'm gonna get something going no matter what! Enjoy the show! :D
  16. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 9-Ball 4-5-2009 3PM

    I'll be streaming our 9-Ball tournament starting today at 3PM. Enjoy the craziness and have some fun! :thumbup:
  17. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 8-Ball 3-29-2009 3PM

    Now streaming Springfeild Billiards 8-Ball Tournament. Enjoy the show! :grin-square:
  18. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 9-Ball Tournament

    I'll be streaming our 9-Ball tournament today, 3-22-2009, starting at 3pm. I'll start the stream as soon as I have someone playin' on the table though regardless of the time.
  19. Sam Waltz

    Springfield Billiards 8-Ball Tournament 3-15-2009 3PM

    I'll be streaming our 8-Ball tournament this afternoon starting at 3PM. I'll probably start streaming actually around 2PM if I have somebody getting warmed up on the feature table or someone to gamble against, but feel free to come enjoy the show! :thumbup...
  20. Sam Waltz

    3/8/2009 Springfield Billiards 9-Ball 3:00pm CST

    I'll be streaming our 9-Ball tournament today at 3:00pm CST. Please enjoy the show. :thumbup: