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    ~~~~2014 Cocobolo Southwest~~~~

    Regrettably selling my beautiful cocobolo southwest. Cue is straight and comes with two unchalked, full 13mm shafts. Right around 19.5oz. The cue also has all the rings and matching joint protectors. Easily the best hitting cue I've ever owned but trading up to a bigger cue. This cue is a lot of...
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    Beautifully veneered Rounceville blank finished by Dan Diveney

    Recently picked up this beautiful sneaky Pete. I'm now looking to upgrade. The cue has the prettiest veneers I've ever seen! Ebony handle, Birdseye maple forearm, the joint and butt cap are not ivory. Recently had it generously refinished by Pat Diveney. Cue is in mint condition. Comes with one...
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    WTB player

    Looking to buy a good hitting, reasonably priced playing cue. Looking to stay under $1000, and like wrapless. Doesn't need to be fancy as long as its solid. Let's see what you have. Thanks Phil
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    Derby completed matches page trouble

    Anyone having trouble viewing the completed matches? Every time I click on it, it goes to AZBilliards instead. I'm viewing on my iPhone. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and fixed it or knows another place to view results. Thanks
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    Beautiful custom engraved Joss collectible cue. - No Longer Available

    Beautiful custom engraved Joss collectible cue. Beautiful six point joss collectible custom cue. Three of the points have Lacewood centers outlined in black. The other three points are colored veneers (blue, dark blue, red) outlined in black with a notched diamond in the center. The front...
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    Beautiful ebony nosed Carmeli - No Longer Available

    Beautiful ebony nosed Carmeli Selling a nice 2013 Carmeli that I picked up on a trade. Never hit a ball with either shaft. Southwest style ebony forearm with beautiful burl points. Burl ring in the butt as well. Ivory spears in all points and ivory dash rings. Both shafts are perfect and around...
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    Brand new Predator BK3 w/ sport wrap

    Looking to sell a brand new BK3 with sport wrap. Looking to get $450 obo. Weights around 18.5oz. Must move quick. Thank you.
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    F/S Beautiful Mike Bender!!!

    Beautiful Mike Bender for sale. Ebony forearm with alternating cocobolo and ivory points. Reverse points in the buttsleeve. Bender signature railroad silver rings. This cue has one of the best leather wraps I've ever seen, virtually seamless. Two shafts both about 13mm. Cue weighs about 19 oz...
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    FS: Gorgeous Ebony Kucharski

    Beautiful custom cue by Greg Kucharski from Connecticut. He is easily one of the best unknown cue makers around. Jet black ebony forearm with 6 awesome tulip wood high-low points with a black and natural veneer. The figure in the points is unreal. Black leather wrap. A tulip wood butt sleeve...
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    LTB Original Meucci Road Agent/ City of Lights

    If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be extremely appreciated!! Thank you very much, Phil
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    Brand new Predator Icon 1 and 3. Cheaper than internet.

    I have two BRAND NEW Predator Icons for sale. One is the all black, Icon 1. And the other is the black with micarta veneers, Icon 3. Both have the lux leather wrap and are about 19oz but very easy to change if you have the weight bolt system. Both have the 314^2 as the shaft. I am selling them...
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    Mint condition Whitten lite 2X4

    I have a like-new Whitten lite 2X4 that I am looking to move. It has almost all options aside from the jump cue zipper. It has the top handle, side handle, padded strap and both pockets. It has stingray on the inside and outside of the lid. Still has the original foam in the pockets as well. I'm...
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    BK2 Sport Wrap- brand new and Used OB break cue FS

    Looking to sell a brand new BK2 Sport wrap, unchalked in the plastic and predator sleeve. No pics but they can be found online. They go for $470, will sell for $375 and free shipping. Also selling a used OB break cue. Butt has some dings but shaft was replaced by OB a few months ago so breaks...
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    Tascarella Rosewood Plain Jane Feeler

    My buddy is looking to unload a plain jane tascarella. Its a rosewood forearm and butt with a white cortland irish linen wrap I believe. Comes with 2 shafts. Pretty light cue, maybe 18 oz or 18.5. Pete tascarella himself confimed it was an early cue of his, and brand new right now from him would...
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    WTB Wrapless high end cue

    Im looking for a wrapless high end cue. Really looking for a Bender but am open to other cue makers. I have a very nice wrapless Capone I would be willing to trade or do a deal with also. Thanks, P.D.
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    I got $1600 for a player's cue

    I'm looking to spend $1600 or less on a real player's cue. Used is ok as long as its in good shape. Looking for Bender, Southwest, etc. PM me and show me whats available. Thanks, Phil
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    Archer vs Frost

    Johnny and Scott had a challenge match after one of Archers exhibition in AZ. Anyone know the outcome?
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    WTB: Southwest

    hey guys, in the market for a Southwest. interested mostly in ebony nosed cues. weight not important but on the heavier side is a plus (like my women lol)Looking for a good deal so PM. show me what you got. :D thanks, phil