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  1. Johnfan

    Kevin Varney, please answer my PM!!!!

    Kevin, please answer me. Don't let me sit here for weeks no hearing from you. Or you can call me too. 770-595-1118. Thanks John
  2. Johnfan

    Who is the site manager that I can speak to?

    Dear members, who is the person in charge of this site such as kicking people off, removal of posts, etc? I would like to know so I can contact that person. Thanks John
  3. Johnfan

    Bad experience with Barrosm (Manny)!!

    Just want to warn everyone about this guy. I never have anything bad to say about anyone here on AZ. Everyone that I have purchased from here on AZ are just good people. I made a lot of friends buying here on the forum over the last two years. But this guy Manny, and this deal, really have...
  4. Johnfan

    Barrosm, Manny, please answer your PM. Your money is ready to go!!

    Barrosm (Manny), please call me or answer your PM. I have obtained money orders for the entire amount of the agreed sale on your James White. I am ready and waiting on you to send the cue to middle man. Again, the address to send the cue: MARCUS SOLT PO BOX 620 BRODHEADSVILLE PA 18322...
  5. Johnfan

    Anyone can give me feedback on dealings with "barrosm" name Manny???

    Hi guys. I would appreciate anyone that can give me a honest feedback on dealings with barrosm. I have just purchased a cue from Manny (barrosm) and would like to know if my money is safe going out to him. Anyone can vouch for him?? Thanks, John
  6. Johnfan

    Need help on "roll" definition on a new cue!!

    Hi everyone. I need your opinion on a taper roll on an expensive cue. Your opinion is appreciated. If you purchased an expensive cue ($3,000 an up), at what point does a taper roll becomes unacceptable??? I have lots of cues in my collection that are over 3K and some....or half....have taper...
  7. Johnfan

    4 Olhausen pool tables for sale!!(Atlanta area)

    Four Olhausen pool tables for sale around the Atlanta area. One 7 foot New Orleans style and Three 8 foot Champion (Matte black). The New Orleans is brand new and will have a life time warranty on the table by Olhausen. Champion tables are in 95% condition and will be warranty by us. All...
  8. Johnfan

    Tight grain VS straight grain shafts???

    Hi all you collectors and players. I have heard a lot about buying a cue with good quality shafts so you look for the density/weight to be in the 4oz ball park. What can you all tell me the fuss about tight grain shaft vs straight grain shaft. A few years ago, everyone wanted straight grain...
  9. Johnfan

    Calling Spanky981

    Hi all. If anyone know Mike Badzik (Spanky981) here on the forum, I need to get in touch with him right away. Can anyone have him call me at 770-595-1118. Thanks, John
  10. Johnfan

    Who's cue would you buy first? Nitti, Weston, Gilbert, Arial Carmel?

    Hi guys! I would like to know from you collectors or players...... who's cue would you buy if you only had one choice from the aforementioned cue makers. Your time is appreciated!! P.S. I apologize that I posted this topic here but its a good way to find out for myself who is hot (out of...
  11. Johnfan

    Valley Forge info needed!!!

    Hi guys. Can anyone give me any info on Valley Forge this year? A list of vendors that will attend would be nice too. I have never been but told to do so if I wanted to see vast amounts of custom cues. Thanks John
  12. Johnfan

    Nitti, Carmeli, Coker, Josey, or Olney???

    Hi guys. Quick question to all of you. If you were to rank these upcoming cue makers on their work, demand of their cue on the secondary market, and which cue maker's work will hold better a return in the future.........who would be first, second, etc. Thank you guys!! John
  13. Johnfan

    Contact info for Ed Prewitt??

    Hi guys. I did a search and could not come up with anything. Anyone have info on how to get in touch with Ed? Does he have a web site and pics of his work?? I really like to learn a little more about him. Thanks guys!! John
  14. Johnfan

    Need help on ID pin types please!!

    Hi all. I have 3 cues here that need your input on what types of pin it is. I have two Stroud that was made in 92 and 93. Both pins looks like its exactly the same. The one on the left is a current paul mottey. Your input is appreciated, John
  15. Johnfan

    New Instroke cases for sale!!!

    Hi guys. I have 3 very nice leather Instroke case (all 2,4) for sale. The one on the left is an Instroke leather cowboy and retails for $359. I would like $179 for it plus shipping. The middle one is a Instroke Tooled leather case. It retails for $439. I would like $299 for it plus...
  16. Johnfan

    Calling Painpool!! I need help guys!!

    Hi guys. Don't mean to freak out. But I saw that Aaron got removed from the forum and now his cell is disconnected. He has two cue of mine and two very expesive JW shafts. Why did he get banned?? Anyone know how to get in touch with him? He told me he would send my cues out on Friday but...
  17. Johnfan

    can some one help me find sledgehammer home page?

    Hi guys. Can anyone assist me on contacting/web page directly with the person that makes sledgehammer jump/break cues?? I have one that stipped out on me so I wanted the original maker to fix it. Thanks guys!
  18. Johnfan

    Quick question, SouthWest or Blugrass???

    Hi guys. Just wanted everyone's opinion. Which cue is a better investment.....assuming all specs are the same for both cues. I had ask a similar question a while back about which is better, Mottey and Bill Stroud and most people chimed in with Mottey is a better buy. So, I hope everyone can...
  19. Johnfan

    Great transaction with Guycrunch

    Thanks Guy for a great transaction. John
  20. Johnfan

    Sand papers??? Need help

    Hi all. Just getting started to learn how to use a lathe...and starting off with tip work. I read the thread on Titanium coated blad and I purchased that. But I was unable to find sand paper higher than 600 at Home Depot. I know some of you are using 1000 grit sand paper to polish personal...