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  1. Colonel

    Bob Frey's Side Of the Story

    Last weekend a thread was posted by a member regarding his experience with Bob doing work on his cue. The Op was banned & the thread disappeared. Before it did disappear I stated that both sides of the story needed to be heard & that I would call Bob on this. I just got off the phone with him...
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  3. Colonel


    The original Frey "F". Signed Frey Cue #1, his 1st custom after leaving Scruggs and my daily player. The newer Frey "F" designed by his grandson. Another signed Frey that is the same as on the butt cap of the cue in question on this thread. Bob went through a few variations early on. The...
  4. Colonel

    The cue you WONT let go...

    Bob Frey's 1st Custom after leaving Scruggs shop & going out on his own, signed BobFrey Cue #1. This cue is not fancy but it's playability is magical.
  5. Colonel

    60's - 90's Cue Gallery

    Frey on the right, Scruggs on the left. I've owned & played hundreds of cues. None played better than these two.
  6. Colonel

    Let's See What Everyone Got for Christmas 2015!

    I got what I deserved
  7. Colonel

    No color ferrules allowed?

    Love these
  8. Colonel

    Do people still use Szamboti's, Palmers, Rambo's etc...

    Scruggs 33 years old Frey #1 is 30 years old They play everyday
  9. Colonel

    Playing with a darker colored ferrule?

    Bob Frey has been making these for me for like forever. Black Linen Micarta, hard as a rock, crisp hit, great sound. Call him up, he'll hook you up.
  10. Colonel

    Cool Pool Read about Wimpy

    I don't know about lipstick but I saw him using a magic marker on one when I was a kid in my old mans hall. He said "why would you want to line up something white against something white". It left an impression on me and I've had Bob Frey making these for me for over 25 years as a result.
  11. Colonel

    I just can't stand all the luck!

    Sooooo, I'm assuming since you mention Shane that you're referring to his loss last night? You think this was about rolls? You think that Justin shooting .900 + had nothing to do with this, that it was rolls? Refer to the picture.
  12. Colonel

    What's up with the cueballs at the U.S. Open

    Well I post the following pic for Scott. A cue ball he's never used? Really, Seriously? Before some TV producer decided it would be a good idea to use a measles TRAINING ball for TV matches so Joe Schmo could see what type of English players were using as he watched at home the RC Cueball was...
  13. Colonel

    biggest improvement in pool equipment

    No you're not understanding correctly. Diamond tables have a lot of positive attributes, everything but their rails. The speed of the rails on a Diamond give those without a stroke an ability to move the ball easily without a stroke & those that bank average or below average the ability to...
  14. Colonel

    $20,000 Challenge to Lou Figueroa.

    . Wings anyone?
  15. Colonel

    could whoever been ripped off by showman cues post here

    Well let me settle in here [emoji2]
  16. Colonel

    Darren's black shaft at the 9 ball World Championship

    The next new gimmick
  17. Colonel

    ★★★ Ko Pin-Yi is the new W9B Champion ★★★

    That's all I have to say about that