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    Used Diamond table questions

    I have a chance to get this table soon. The owner puchased it from an Ohio pool hall in 2007, described it as a 9 foot Diamond Pro, 3 piece slate, rails re-done about the time he got it (doesn't know who by...assuming the pool hall did it or got somebody to do it) which he says are lively, and...
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    Edit - ooooops.....posted in wrong forum.:speechless:
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    FS - Searing, Showman, Sugartree, Mottey, Judd, Vollmer, others

    FS - Searing, Showman, Mottey, Judd, Vollmer, others Edit - details added in post # 21. Am looking to part with some of my cues. Planning to take them with me to the US Open but figure I'd post them here before I do that. Email me at if anything catches your eye. Not...
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    Disregard - wrong forum

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    Disregard, wrong forum.
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    Vollmer Cue Wanted

    I'm interested in getting a Vollmer cue. If you have one to part with please send info (pics, specs, price, condition) to If you know of someone with one willing to part with it please ask them to contact me. Thanks
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    12x24 Dealer Case - Want To Buy

    If you have one for sale or know someone that does please PM me with info. Thanks.
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    22 May (Thursday): Deal agreed to late in the afternoon. 23 May (Friday): Mailed bank check that morning. 24 May (Saturday): 25 May (Sunday): No mail delivered. 26 May (Monday): Memorial Day; no mail delivered. 27 May (Tuesday): 28 May (Wednesday): Bank check in your hands that morning. Seems...
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    What is the status on shipping the cue?
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    Phillippi, Gilbert, Bluegrass, Lambros, Scruggs (2), Sledgehammer

    Have a few cues just sitting around, figured I'd offer them up for sale/trades. Email me at if interested/questions/want further details, etc. Left to right in first pic: Phillippi - TRADED - $1500 (like new, butt is one solid piece of birdseye). Gilbert jump/break - SOLD...
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    Southwest Ebay Scam

    My old cue with my pictures and description.
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    Searing For Sale

    Four ebony points with three veneers into birdseye; ebony butt sleeve with delrin buttcap; three shafts with ivory ferrules and Moori tips; butt is 29 inches long and weighs 15.4 ounces; shafts are 29 inches long, diameter and weight are 12.8, 12.9, 13.0 mm; 3.6, 4.0, 4.1 ounces. Signed D...
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    3 Southwests For Sale - 1988, 2001, 2005

    Left to right in first pic: ---1988 cue, three shafts, with paperwork from Laurie Franklin ---Nine point cue, 306-05 ---348-01, very nice purpleheart, matching veneered rings at all locations PM me if interested, questions, etc.
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    Lambros - 10 Points - Ultra Joint

    For sale, 2005 cue, PM me if interested.
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    Mottey - Loaded

    For sale, ebony/ivory/burl, PM me if interested.
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    James White - Loaded

    For sale, one of the nicest ones out there, PM me if interested.
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    Searing on Ebay - Opinions?
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    Future World Champ - Video