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    LTB ED prewitt merry widow

    Sent PM
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    WTB tascarella Shaft

    WTB tascarella Shaft For 60in 30/30 split Thick nickel ring Must be 30in and roll pretty straight. PM me.
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    7ft Diamond Table in excellent condition for SALE

    Is this still for sale? Pm me your number
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    Who is your top 5 cue makers?

    I’d love to see that cue! I have a few Kikel’s myself.
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    9ft Diamond Blue Label (Arizona)

    They are 4.5in standard pro cut pockets.
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    9ft Diamond Blue Label (Arizona)

    Lightly used 9 ft diamond Blue label Pro Am (black) Matching diamond Light PRC rack Set of cyclops balls Cover Pro cut 4.5in pockets Sold as a package only. Table was built in May of 2021. $7500 May delivery on a diamond cart for additional charge. 847 530 09 zero three Justin
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    Mottey 8-point beauty with double recuts

    Would you mind PM me photos please?
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    Paul Mottey-Brazilian Rosewood TitlistIvo

    Did this sell?
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    Looking for used Diamond or GC 9ft table

    I have a new 7ft and 9ft diamond available. PM me.
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    WTB: 8’ Diamond Table Charcoal Dymondwood

    Where are you located?
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    For sale two Diamond Rosewood Pro Am 9 foot tables with lights

    How do we get in touch with you? Sent PM.
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    my cues

    adams, helmstetter, mc d.
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    Helmstetter Cue

    Hello all, I have a helmstetter cue thats quite old, I have done some extensive online research but could not find this cue any where. ive looked under adams cues and adams custom. Still cannot find any answers. If any info please dont hesitate to post.