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  1. sygfrid

    Another great CASE of modification with John Barton...

    I got home at 2:30am this morning of June 7 from more than a 12-hour duty, when my stress disappeared as I found a tall box waiting in front of our bedroom. I have been waiting since the start of this year for this day to arrive... (Sorry, the pics aren’t that clear since I had no time to...
  2. sygfrid

    MWTS One-of-a-kind Viattorre Custom Cue: THE YELLOW KATANA

    please close this thread please close this thread
  3. sygfrid

    Viattorre Custom Cue on Ebay

    Very rare & exotic solid-butt KIIROI Viattorre Custom Cue on sale @ EBAY right now: Thanks!
  4. sygfrid

    `07 Kiiroi Viattorre & Handcrafted Amboyna Cue

    It's time for me to to look for new owners of my prized collections who will preserve them like I have. My family has a good chance of migrating within a year, so I'm limiting the cues that I will be carrying with me. First one is one of my four VIATTORRE CUSTOM CUES collections, the YELLOW...
  5. sygfrid

    Handcrafted Amboyna Butterfly Cue

    pls delete
  6. sygfrid

    Who's going to the Philippines in September for the different tournaments?

    According to another forum, there are several pool events that will be held in the Philippines this coming September: World Mix Doubles Sept 4 - 6 Nuvo City -> World Cup of Pool Sept 7 - 12 Robinsons Place -> Predator Sweet "Sixteen" Sept 13 - 14...
  7. sygfrid

    Met a new Lady last night

    Met a new Jazzy Lady last night Last night, I had finally met my new lady... she's very simple, yet, for some reason, she has this irresistible, classy charm! There are cues that are "gwapo", very manly. There are those that are stunningly beautiful because of their elaborate design... And...
  8. sygfrid

    MWTS: One of my personal Cue and Case Collections

    Hi guys! I'm still considering of letting go of some of my collections as I try to explore other hobbies. I may let go of these items by May or June; I shall keep you guys updated from time to time. For now, here's a few info regarding my collection that I will sell as a set: HAND-CRAFTED...
  9. sygfrid

    Just in time for Chinese New Year!

    A New Wave Case Just in time for Chinese New Year! I got a Chinese New Year's gift when I got home today, Jan. 26! Joni, our cocker spaniel that looks like a black rag, is wondering what's inside the box?. Viola! A one of a one of the kind, as of the moment, 3x4 BLUE WAVE CASE from John...
  10. sygfrid

    Different Characteristics of Woods for QButts

    I've noticed that with most of the cues being produced, whether with wraps or not, a cue butt is often made of several woods with aesthetics as the primary reason. Not only has this type of construction make a cue "attractive" to the potential buyer, it also gives a cue a different "personality"...
  11. sygfrid

    Trying to get in touch with JUDD's Custom Cues

    sorry, double post due to pc error. pls delete
  12. sygfrid

    Trying to get in touch with JUDD's Custom Cues

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has recently tried to contact Mr & Mrs Judd Fuller. I've just sent 2 emails in the past 3 weeks asking for a quotation for a customized cue yet I haven't received any feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot call them as overseas phone calls will scratch my pocket...
  13. sygfrid

    Instroke's L. Cowboy, Buffalo & Tooled care

    Hi guys! I'd like to know which among the 3 lines of Instroke (leather cowboy, buffalo, & tooled) is the easiest to maintain (no cleaning needed, stains can be easily removed, etc)? TIA!:)
  14. sygfrid

    Sygfrid's Complete Set of Viattorre Custom Cues

    One of the last Viattorre Custom Cues As VIATTORRE CUSTOM CUES has retired last June `07 from making wonderful handcrafted cues, I would like to share with you the rest of my collection of VCC's set, and one of the last VCC's made, which I've gotten last June 19, `07, from Jackson himself (I...