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  1. Tbeaux

    Was OB TOUR streaming?

    I clicked the link on the OB Tours site for streaming but there was nothing on. Did I miss it? Will they be streaming tomorrow? Didn't notice an announcement on AZB but only a link on OB Tours.
  2. Tbeaux

    WPBA streaming now

    WPBA Atlanta Classic streaming now. First round. In first match Belinda Calhoun defeated Britney Bryant. Current stream match is Angel Paglia vs Stacy Novak.
  3. Tbeaux

    Latest Women's 9 Ball Championship brackets

    Johnnyt, here are they latest brackets I can find,translated by google...
  4. Tbeaux

    Angel in sweet 16

    AZB frontpage has latest brackets for 2010 Women's 9 Ball. Angel vs Allison, Monica Webb,Kelly Fisher,Brittany Bryant, Ga Young Kim also. Way to go Angel!!! :angel2:
  5. Tbeaux

    Possible stream source for 2010 Women's 9 Ball Championship

    Possible NEW stream source for 2010 Women's 9 Ball Championship According to a betting site in Europe there are several streams possibly available for the championships. I downloaded the SOPCAST software myself...
  6. Tbeaux

    Streaming Viewership

    People wonder about the numbers of good players coming out of asia. Take this into consideration. This past weekend I watched the OB CUES Ladies TOUR which had 28 viewers max, I also watched the Turning Stone Event which had around 1500 viewers. As I type this I am watching the Womens World 9...
  7. Tbeaux

    OBCues Ladies 9 ball- Billiards Den -Semi/Finals- streaming

    OBCues Ladies 9-Ball Tour stop at the "Billiard Den" in Richardson Texas. This is the semi finals and finals.
  8. Tbeaux

    WPBA 1/4 finals Corr vs K. Fisher

    Stream starts in a few minutes.............
  9. Tbeaux

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    Happy 27th Birthday Sarah!:happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday: NO CAKE (unless it's sugar free!)! :wink:
  10. Tbeaux

    Flamingo Tour Event

    Here is a headline from Florida about AZBer Dragon81. Congratulations Michell! I knew you would do it! :thumbup: CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELL MONK! Michell Monk won the premiere event on the Flamingo Billiards Tour, and a paid entry into the WPBA Colorado Classic in Sept. Full story...
  11. Tbeaux

    Happy Birthday Melissa Herndon!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!!!!! :happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday: Too many more candles and you'll be listed on the police departments firebug watch list.:eek::p :killingme: Terry
  12. Tbeaux

    Pyramid Chalk???

    Has anybody tried the "Elephant Pyramid Chalk"? If so what was your impression and if you know ......who actually manufacturers it? I'm certain Elephant Balls would have it manufactured by someone else.
  13. Tbeaux

    WPBA livestream

    Corr vs Thornfeldt
  14. Tbeaux

    What's in a pocket? The answers.

    The recent tight pocket thread by RealKingCobra ( ) got me to thinking. First I can't think of any better way to compare pocket tightness than Roger Longs formula. However as RKC indicated there are exceptions and other factors that play into...
  15. Tbeaux

    Aftermarket shafts and joint question

    I was wondering if anybody has run into problems using aftermarket shafts and getting them to work with any cuemakers prefered joint. I'm very curious about your thoughts on depth of threading. For instance is the "universal smart shaft" really universal or are there joints that are unavailable...
  16. Tbeaux

    Monica Webb WINS!

    Monica just defeated Ga Young Kim 7-5 to win the San Diego Classic!:thumbup: Terry
  17. Tbeaux

    WPBA injuries

    Wow! The San Diego Classic is hard on the players! Does anybody know if Ashton and Ranola got over whatever had them sick? What about Karen? Anybody got an update on her neck pain? I suspect Karen's pain meds may have worn off in the match with Pan. She seemed really up for playing Pan. OF...
  18. Tbeaux

    Really a casemaker question

    I hope the cuemakers don't get mad about this as it's really a question for casemakers. If so, I'll ask to have it moved. I was wondering if there is a specification, grade brand whatever of foam padding that I can go by in selecting foam? I've seen closed cell and open cell that disintegrates...
  19. Tbeaux

    Good Luck in WCs

    Hey Melissa, Thanks for the post on the main forum thread. As I type this we are waiting to here the results of your match with Helena. I like you both so I won't play favorites, just wish you both the best. I just don't understand the way the WPA operates. The last Womens World...
  20. Tbeaux

    download test

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