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  1. jgroom972

    Sold OB Cue Quake Made in Texas Break Shaft 5/16×18

    OB Quake Break Shaft. USED/Excellent condition) These are made in Texas,, Plano, Tx. Fits any butt with a 5/16×18 pin. (When i ordered this shaft, i had it custom drilled by OB to fit a 5/16×18 cue). I no longer have the butt that I used with the shaft. These are excellent break shafts. I have...
  2. jgroom972

    WTB Dr. Dave's Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP)

    WTB Dr. Daves Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP).
  3. jgroom972

    WTB JB Case Rugged 2x4.

    Want to buy a JB Case Rugged. I have a 2x5/3x4. I would like just a 2x4 with pockets, backpack strap, handle, and top handle. Doesn't have to be NEW, UNUSED. Used in good condition is fine. color is not important.
  4. jgroom972

    Billiard Eye Ware?????

    I was at a tournament this weekend, and saw a few guys wearing "billiard glasses". My question is for the people who do wear them. How do you like them? Was it an improvement over wearing regular glasses? (when i shoot my line of site, is right thru the top rim of my glasses) Which brands to...
  5. jgroom972

    JB Case. Looking for a 1x1 or 1x2 JB Case.

    I am looking for a 1butt x 1 shaft, or 1 butt 2 shaft JB Case. Color is not important. Thank you
  6. jgroom972

    Bert Kinister videos and DVDs "Diagrams"

    Does anyone have the pdfs/diagrams that Bert Kinister talks about in his videos? I have almost his whole collection, and the ones that came with "diagrams" to set up volumes 27,28,29 I have lost them. I should've made a copy of them but didn't think I would lose them. well, I...
  7. jgroom972

    Playing Position based off of Diamonds and object ball position?

    I was watching a video by Ron Vitello (2nd disc) 90/90. In the video, he is demonstrating a 2 rail kicking system (Plus 2 Additive System). After he shows the system, he says that you can also use this to get position, and that he would show later in the video how to do it. I have watched to...
  8. jgroom972

    Want to buy Omen Cue.

    Interested in buying a Pete Ohman "Omen"......."Sneaky Pete" or an Omen Break Cue. Condition is not important? It doesn't have to be in "MINT" condition. Thanks in advance!
  9. jgroom972

    Dr. Dave dvds? Instructional dvds?.

    Just seeing whats out there. Interested in Dr. Daves dvds and any other dvds, that I dont currently have. Thanks.
  10. jgroom972

    Does anyone know what brand cue this is?

  11. jgroom972

    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    Good day everyone, i have been taking lessons from (2) high profile professionals, and the inconsistent part is that one will say "Always stay towards the center of the cue ball". The other one will say unless straight in, then you should "spin" the cue ball. Both players are at the top of the...
  12. jgroom972

    Bludworth Dufferin = Confused

    A buddy of mine has a Bludworth "Sneaky Pete" that has a very faint Dufferin 19oz at the top of the forearm by the joint collar. Did Bludworth make sneakies from Duffrein house cues?
  13. jgroom972

    Bert Kinister DVDs. Want to buy.

    I am trying to start a bert kinister dvd collection. I currently have VOL # 1, 2, 56, 60. If anyone has any dvds or VHS and would like to get rid of them, i may be interested. Thanks in advance!.
  14. jgroom972

    Keeping Cue Tips FRESH!!

    I have purchased a bulk order of cue tips. Around 100 tips. Sure i will share with friends, but there will still be more than i will be able to use. I go thru about (4) tips a year including my daily playing cue & break cue. My first thought was to store them in an "Altoids" canister, then i...
  15. jgroom972

    Overcoming Contenderosis: Hypnosis for Pool Players

    I am in search of a copy of Overcoming Contenderosis: Hypnosis for Pool Players Thank in advance.!
  16. jgroom972

    DVDs The Advanced Pro Book "DVD series" by Bob Henning

    I am in search of a copy of (DVDs) "The Advanced Pro Book DVD series" by Bob Henning. Thank in advance.!
  17. jgroom972

    No Time for Negative DVD by Jimmy Reid

    Does anyone have a copy of this DVD for sale. I had a copy and lost it when I moved in to my new house. Thanks in advance!
  18. jgroom972

    OB Phoenix shaft for a 3/8 x 11 to fit an Omen or Southwest cue.

    Looking to buy an OB Phoenix shaft 3/8 x 11. Preferably 30", but 29" would be ok.
  19. jgroom972

    ISO Meucci M1 Sneaky Pete Used.

    Looking for a used Meucci sneaky. Used condition.
  20. jgroom972

    Hanshew Custom Cue for Sale

    I have a custom 1 of 1 Hanshew Cue and jump cue for sale. It has a tiger maple forearm. 4 ebony points. A stacked leather wrap. Blue mother of pearl sandwiched between gold colored rings. The Butt is abony with ivory Texas shaped inlays set in burl wood. The joint and Butt cap are simulated...