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  1. shaggybahama

    Ring Game rules

    If someone can share the rules for a ring game, it will be much appreciated.
  2. shaggybahama

    Table very slow with 860 cloth

    I have a red label 9 ft Diamond, with recently installed Simonis 860 but it rolls very sluggish, what can possibly be the cause of this.
  3. shaggybahama

    Tournament used diamond tables.

    Looking for 6 -7fters and one 1- 9ft diamond Pro-am or Smart table on the east coast.
  4. shaggybahama

    Mosconi Cup 4 days tickets

    One season pass for 2019 MC , $130.00 PM if interested.
  5. shaggybahama

    Bonus Match Sky vs Shaw

    Tonight MMP is making up for glitches in the SVB /Shaw match with free pass to all who subscribe for weekends match. Tonight its Sky Vs Shaw , 9 ball Race to 30 . $10,000
  6. shaggybahama

    242 is calling you.

    Vacation and pool PM me or contact details or flyer.
  7. shaggybahama

    Make a predator sports lighter

    Any recommendations on making a predator sports Butt lighter, all weight cartridge are out ,but would like for it to be a at least half Oz to 1 oz lighter. With extension added cue is too heavy. Thanks in advance.
  8. shaggybahama


    Am in the market for a ball cleaner, looking for a 4 or more ball cleaner.
  9. shaggybahama

    Cue extensions

    Are there any extensions that’s lighter than 2oz or anyway to make the predator ones lighter.
  10. shaggybahama


    Anyone can suggest (table movers /mechanics) in the New York ,Long Island area. Need a table in the area shipped to Florida.
  11. shaggybahama

    8th BRMPT

    It’s pool, sun,sand and fun. (A vacation) In the Bahamas at the 8th Annual Bernie Russell Memorial Pool Tournament( BRMPT ) come and join us at the biggest pool event of the year. Armatures only , for all recognized leagues , VNEA, BCA, APA check website for all the details and more.
  12. shaggybahama

    7 ft vs 9 ft

    Other than size , is there any difference in it’s playability between these two tables, the diamond Pro-Am 7 or 9 ft.
  13. shaggybahama

    Rooms in Orlando area

    Visiting Orlando for week , Looking for a pool room with diamond tables in the Orlando area. Thanks for your recommendations in advance.
  14. shaggybahama

    Looking for a pool hall

    Recommendations for a good pool hall in The Orlando area(hopefully near Disney) with diamond pool tables.
  15. shaggybahama

    Guest for a pool tournament

    Am looking for recommendations on a someone to be a special/ invited guest for annual pool tournament. eg. Pro player or trick shot artist or even an great instructor.
  16. shaggybahama

    Day 1 Mosconi cup ticket

    2 Premium seats for day one excellent view (section 1 and section 4- $60+ fees . each.
  17. shaggybahama

    Day 1 Mosconi cup ticket

    One day one pass for sale for 2017 Mosconi cup in Dec, bought two by mistake. Seat location , Sec. 4 Row E seat #15 - $65 pay pal + fees. USA All DAY , SVB For MVP.
  18. shaggybahama

    Day 1 Mosconi cup ticket

    One Day one(1) session ticket for sale , mistakenly purchase one extra ticket. for the 2017 mosconi cup at Mandalay Bay on Monday 4th December. PayPal payment is fine .$70.00 + fees. Location - sec. 4 Row E - Seat 15
  19. shaggybahama

    Mosconi cup ticket

    Day 1 ticket for sale , section 4 -Row E and seat 15, $75 + fees Pay Pal. PM for details.
  20. shaggybahama

    Revo shafts length

    Does the Revo shaft comes in 30'' ?