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  1. Train1077

    Wanted: cheap uniloc butt

    As the title say, I'm looking for a cue with uniloc. Just the butt. Please no bk break cues, anything else I am open to. My budget is very limited. Looking to get it sent to Denmark.
  2. Train1077

    predator SE and Case set

  3. Train1077

    Help with value of predator SE and Case set

    Could someone please help me with an evaluation of some equipment. I haven't been playing for a while now, and think it's a shame, that such a great cue is just standing in the closet. I own a Predator Special Edition 18 by Samsara number 8/100 - It has got a black leather wrap, which was...
  4. Train1077

    WTS: Lucasi LHF10 cocobolo with new shaft

  5. Train1077

    Shot of the match in the Danish 10ball championship

    I just wanted to share this shot from the Danish 10ball championships. Shot of the match.
  6. Train1077

    US Open ruined 9ball

    It is embarrassing to watch Orcollo break... Thank you US Open for ruining the game by allowing players not to break, but the slow roll the ball into the pack.... I am ashamed!!!
  7. Train1077

    Another tip question

    Sorry to start another thread about tips, BUT... I have googled both here and other places, and all threads I find is where people state what they like and don't like. I can't find any explanations. I am curious if there is any tested information about tips. How does the hardness affect the...
  8. Train1077

    WTB Ebony cue with uniloc

    As the title sas, I am looking for an uniloc cue butt. My hope would be to find a predator 5k3, ikon1-3 with ringtail grip. But I am open to all other ebony cues also. I don't really need a shaft for it.
  9. Train1077

    custom cues and joint

    I was just wondering, why do custom cuemakers almost never use uniloc joint?
  10. Train1077

    WTB 2x4 cheap cue case

    As the title says, looking for a new case. Including shipment to Denmark. Cheap meaning under $80 I got a few offers, and thank you for that. But I had better specify, I need at least a 2x4 case. Thank you.
  11. Train1077

    Cracks in my friends butt :-)

    I have a friend who just bought a really cool looking old falcon cue. But we discovered 3 cracks inside it. I don't think it affects play at all, but he is a bit nervous about it, and not really satisfied with the buy. I would like to hear the opinion of some pro cuespecialists. How bad is...
  12. Train1077

    WTT would like Jacoby Edge shaft for custom b/j cue

    I have a TNT (now called Summit) break/jump cue. I would like to trade it for a uniloc Jacoby Edge shaft. Pictures of the b/j cue are here
  13. Train1077

    TNT break/jump cue

    I have this awesome B/J cue for sale. I am thinking about $180 including shipment. Bocote and purpleheart. Samsara break tip. Powerful break, good control and great jump. Small blemish in coating near the tip, but nothing that affects play. (see pictures)
  14. Train1077

    Longoni T12 Leather strips Niels Feijen cue w 3 shafts

    The cue is made out of exotic Macassar Ebony from Indonesia, curly maple from Bosnia, olivewood from Italy. Curly maple handgrip with leather strips. 1 T12 Butt w. leather strip 1 S2 shaft - regular taper 2 S3 shafts (alternate hornbeam and mapple slices) - american style taper 1 3Lobite...
  15. Train1077

    WTS/WTT used Longoni Hard Case Incl carrying bag.

    The case is used, but in very good condition. I'll try to take some pictures later today in the pool hall. The present pictures I found on the internet. Including the carrying bag, I am looking to get 250 incl shipment from Denmark to anywhere. I will maybe trade with another case or a case and...
  16. Train1077

    Wtb block of bubinga for extension about 10-12 inches

    Going to try to make an extension, and looking for some wood to match my cue. Shipping to Denmark
  17. Train1077

    Wtb joint screw and insert

    As the title says I am looking for a joint screw and the insert. Some kind of quick release or uniloc. Shipped to Denmark.
  18. Train1077

    Custom cue extension

    Fury has made a pretty cheap extension, but I think the handle is quite ugly. But the bumper is very smart. I am thinking about buying this and installing the bumper on my cue. Then break the handle and get out the joint screw. Turn a piece of 10-12 inch bubinga and see if I can install the...
  19. Train1077

    Cue extension for predator

    I was wondering if someone could build me an extension for my predator cue. Which would include some kind of bumper I myself can put on the cue. The extension does not have to be special, some kind quick release would of course be cool. Maybe a bumper a bit longer than the normal with a joint...
  20. Train1077

    NIR chalk??? anyone tried it?

    I was wondering if anyone know about this chalk? I find that it is hard to get balabushka chalk in Europe, and am not sure what else to use. I think it really is better than predator 1080 chalk.