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  1. Poke N Hope

    WTB: 9' Diamond or Gold Crown

    I'm looking to buy a 9' Diamond or Gold Crown within 3 hr driving distance from Raleigh, North Carolina.
  2. Poke N Hope

    My New Omens

    I got these last month. What do you think? I will post a review of these cues next week. Cue Number 1 is a Plain Jane with Curly Maple and Coco. The other cue is an 8-pointer(4 long ebony points with flame veneers, 4 short snakewood points with one black veneer, Curly Maple forearm).:smile:
  3. Poke N Hope

    WTT: Mark Bear Full Splice w/ Flame Veneers

    Would like to trade my Mark Bear Full Splice for another cue. Nothing wrong with the cue, it's just to light for me. Sorry for the bad pics, I'm not a good photographer. What I am Looking For: 20.5 oz or more Ivory Ferrules No CNC points Perfer 60" cue but 58" cue OK Mark Bear Full Splice...
  4. Poke N Hope

    MG Saft Freeze

    MG Shaft Freeze Well, Its been over a year now since Mike Gulyassy released his shaft freeze product. For the people on here that had this product applied to their shafts, what is your opinions on the product?
  5. Poke N Hope

    NC Smoking Ban - So Far So Good

    The North Carolina Smooking Ban went into effect this past Saturday. So far everything is business as usual in the pool halls. There have been a couple of halls where the business seems to have picked up but only 4 days into the ban it is way to early to see what the true effects the ban will...
  6. Poke N Hope

    FYI - Magic Eraser

    For those of you that use the Mr. Clean Magic eraser or similar product to clean your shaft please read the attached pdf file. Please keep the eraser products away from your kids. The pdf file is an email my wife received yesterday.
  7. Poke N Hope

    101 Uses of a Pool Cue

    On the way to work this morning I had a flat tire. I pull off to the side of the road pull out the spare and the jack but can't find the tire iron. The manual didn't tell me were the tire iron was located so I called my wife to see if I could use the tire iron from her car. I was able to use...
  8. Poke N Hope

    New Pool Room in Raleigh, NC

    A new pool hall just opened up in Raleigh, NC. They have Brunswick Gold Crown V Tournament Edition tables. The owner loves action:thumbup: , so if your looking, call the number below and ask for Doug and he can find you some action:D :D . They are open M-S 11:00 am to 2:30 am and Sunday 12:00...
  9. Poke N Hope

    WTB: 2x4 or 3x6 case that will hold 32" Butt

    Looking for any case that will hold butt section of cue that is 32". This dimension includes the pin and the bumper in the 32". I have tried all standard length cases and they will not work. I have a custom case on order but its going to be a few months before I get it. Thanks
  10. Poke N Hope

    F/S Mark Bear Full-Splice Cue

    Cue Specs Bacote Full-Spliced into BEM 4 venners (Orange, Blue, Natural, Black) from inside to outside Radial Pin White Plastic wood to wood joint Hoppe Ring White w/ Brown spec linen wrap Butt weighs 15.5 oz Points are even but a little fuzzy at end only Butt has no dings The finish is in...
  11. Poke N Hope

    F/S BCM Plain Jane Rosewood Cue w/ Leather Wrap

    BCM PJ Rosewood Cue Specs Two Shafts 13 mm (3.7 oz , 3.9 oz) Both shafts have LBM ferrule Railroad style rings in all 5 positions 3/8 x 11 Pin w/ wood ro wood joint Butt weighs 16.3 oz Shafts are Dent Free Moori med tips on both shafts Butt Dent and/or Ding Free Finish is in excellant...
  12. Poke N Hope

    Mark Tadd Stories

    I was reading the forum the other night and ran across a couple of threads that had referenced Mark Tadd. I have only seen him play twice and I don't remember him missing a ball. Anybody out there got a Mark Tadd story they would like to share? Here is mine: September 1991 on a saturday...