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  1. Boro Nut

    Mosconi Cup Team Advice

    Get your team to watch the US play in the World Cup. 11 heroes all putting a shift in. They did you proud today. Boro Nut
  2. Boro Nut

    2008 WPBSA World Professional English Billiards Championship

    The draw for the 2008 WPBSA World Professional English Billiards Championship has been released. The tournament will again be held at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds (UK) between 23rd and 27th of July. Admission is free. Group A Mike Russel (Qatar) Devendra Joshi (India) Gary Rogers...
  3. Boro Nut

    One For The 1P Enthusiasts

    Although this is from a snooker match I thought it deserved a wider audience, and especially those 1P players who enjoy a bit of creativity. It's a novel escape from a tricky snooker that Ronnie O'Sullivan had laid on Stephen Maguire in today's first frame of their Masters clash. Needing to...
  4. Boro Nut

    Maguire's Great Escape

    I hope someone posts Stephen Maguire's shot escaping the snooker on the green in the first frame with Ronnie on Youtube. Who says there's no creativity in snooker? That's got to be the shot of the championships right there. I'm sure the one-pocket aficionados here would appreciate the shot...
  5. Boro Nut

    More Snooker Flukes

    Here's a compilation of snooker flukes from the 2003 World Championships - Apologies to Scaramouche if it's already been posted - it never turned up in a quick search BBC Flukes Compilation from WSC 2003 Terry Griffiths' comment after Alan Macmanus' fluke surprises me. It's not really that...
  6. Boro Nut

    Fun Games on a Snooker Table

    Discussing Volunteer Snooker on another thread got me thinking about some of the more obscure games we used to play quite regularly on snooker tables. Like most unofficial games the exact rules vary slightly around a central theme from club to club, and were subject to change on a whim to speed...
  7. Boro Nut

    What A Great world Championship So Far

    Wow. Down to the Quarter Finals and this World Championship has been quality from day one. And I still can't see a clear favourite, there are so many turning it on. First and foremost, Ronnie O'Sullivan. He's beaten the two most fancied young form horses so far. If it comes together, only...
  8. Boro Nut

    Would Snooker Players Be Much Cop at Straight Pool

    I'd always thought that snooker players would find straight pool a relatively easy pool discipline given their skills at pecking away at the pack. This is pure conjecture though, and there's little incentive for any of them to try as far as I can see. But I just thought there were more nuances...
  9. Boro Nut

    O'Sullivan v Ding - Role Reversal

    On the verge of winning the Masters at Wembley it is amazing to see Ronnie seemingly having to convince Ding not the throw in the towel. I understand he's in Ding's dressing room now, during the session break. How ironic in light of Ronnie's recent walkout. I don't know whether it is just too...
  10. Boro Nut

    Strikland Breaks His Cue - Mosconi

    Just watched Earl break his cue on the floor after missing an easy shot. He's still favourite to beat Engert at this stage though. Boro Nut
  11. Boro Nut

    Having Trouble Banking

    I'm having quite a lot of problems with banking at the moment, but I can't for the life of me think why I should listen to the advice I've been getting from so called pool players. The last person I would take advice from is a professional pool player. I mean, how does that go? Q - Excuse...
  12. Boro Nut

    Why Don't You Just..

    ... forget about the IPT and find a mega-rich person who can be trusted to be scrupulously honest, who has no criminal convictions of vested interests in ripping off players because he's already got more money than sense, and who would be only too happy to finance a pool tour involving the...
  13. Boro Nut

    Interesting Stats

    WPC Forum - 19 viewing IPT Forum - 55 viewing And they wonder what's wrong with pool. Boro Nut
  14. Boro Nut

    Can Snooker Learn From Pool?

    Watching Ronnie O'Sullivan against Ken Doherty in the Premier League last night I couldn't help noticing he's picked up a few new habits from his time playing pool. Firstly he used a loop bridge more often than not to break off, and in open play he often used what the commentators amusingly...
  15. Boro Nut

    Fuming! - Who The Hell is Earl Strickland!!!

    I am absolutely fuming. I don't think I've ever been so disgusted. Just who the hell is Earl Strickland. I'm the sort of person who goes out of their way not to rub people up the wrong way. Fair enough, I'm nowhere near the player that Earl is, but is that any excuse? I've been posting on...
  16. Boro Nut

    Well Done Throsten Hoffman

    I suppose I should add my congratulations to Dustin Thorsten for his fine win against a surprisingly fit and tanned looking Marlo Brandon the other day (Who says they never come back?). And it's nice to see the pros doing their best to maintain the derring-do SAS Who Breaks Wins approach to...
  17. Boro Nut

    Snooker Legend John Spencer Has Died

    I was saddened to hear that former World Snooker Champion John Spencer passed away on Tuesday. He was my first snooker hero. I particularly liked his brand of break building, relying on deft touch and precision ball control, and often not needing to use the cushions. His cue was also...
  18. Boro Nut

    Embarrasing Acne Problem

    As my league opponents seem to get younger and younger every year I've become increasingly uneasy with my own appearance, and it's starting to really affect my performance. I've spent a fortune on fad diets, facial scrubs and exotic lotions, but no matter what I try my skin stays soft and...
  19. Boro Nut

    Running A Table Isn't Hard

    I don't understand all this palaver Americans make about running a pool table. It must be a doddle. Make sure all the balls are there, and empty the money out each night. How easy is that? I reckon I could run two. Boro Nut
  20. Boro Nut

    Best Trick Shot Ever

    Just watched Roman Hubler lose to Raj Hundal in the Qtrs of this year's World Pool Masters. Having been practically gifted the match by a careless Hundal foul, Hubler pulls off the best trick shot I've ever seen. With the 8 ball in the jaws of a pocket he blasts it in. It disappears...