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  1. shoutout33

    What next?

    Hello again, AZB. Yes, the title box is confusing, but I would really like some honest, tough love answers on this one. Outside of having a love for the game, going to leagues (strong 4 in APA), watching tons of practice, tournament and instructional Youtube videos...whats left for the amateur...
  2. shoutout33

    Carbon Fiber Prices

    Ok my apologies if this has been spoken to death already, but I literally just had a light bulb moment. I just wanted some clarification from the forums to see if what I was thinking made in since. OK, we all know and some of us have spent money on this new CF shaft craze. Some of them cost as...
  3. shoutout33

    Black magic carbon fiber cue shaft

    Per the title box, has anyone played with this shaft by Cue Crafters? I've searched for at least an hour under both names on the forums and haven't found anything! Any input on playability would be nice as well. I've never heard of these folks at all. The only thing I know is that it was on...
  4. shoutout33

    Shaft diameter(s)

    What's up everyone! It has been many many moons since I've last posted on these these forums? Anywho, I've made the decision to completely serve the pool gods with all my might this time around! No bowling, golf or anything else that'll cause me pain. Long story. That being said, I'm...
  5. shoutout33

    New Moori Tips

    Has anyone seen or played with these yet: It seems the black, malachite (green) and ruby line didn't last long. I could be wrong, been away from the game for a little...
  6. shoutout33

    Ron Thomas Cases

    I know this is a long shot, especially since I don't see his website any more, but is Mr. Thomas still making those Fennelli style cases? If so, how do you get in touch with him? If not, who has the torch been passed to? Last I remembered, It's George was back in the game. Is this still true...
  7. shoutout33

    Players views on UPA and BCA leagues

    What's up people? Here's the deal, I really want to try something different than the APA. Now, this is not about starting a flame war about the APA. I honestly just want to do something different, even if I have to start a new league. I'm interested in doing a 10-ball league. If the APA had one...
  8. shoutout33

    What's needed for a successful league?

    Hey all. I posted this thread in the Pool Hall owner section trying to get some feedback. I saw something where folks were talking about alcohol, but not food. Please click on the link and let me know something there or here. I haven't gotten a response, so I'm trying in a different section...
  9. shoutout33

    What's needed for a successful league?

    Hello. First of all, I do not own a pool hall. I'm thinking about starting a league and I have the owners blessing as long I bring players. I spoke with a very good friend who knows about the place (Q-Ball 1 Billiards in Capital Heights, MD) and he thinks that it might not be a good idea. Reason...
  10. shoutout33

    What size shaft do you play with?

    If this has been done recently, my bad. I couldn't find it. No particular reason for doing this...well yeah, there is. Stopped by a pool hall I haven't been to in a while. Haven't played in a while for that matter. Saw an older gentleman working on this shot where he did a full table bank. The...
  11. shoutout33

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hey people! Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.:grin:
  12. shoutout33

    Shark Oil

    Ok, I already know, that you can't get it anymore.:frown::angry: But I would like to know, what else is out there that is similar to it? I mean, I have one 4oz bottle that I'm using and an 8oz bottle to back it up with. Yes, I am a very deserpate person here. :p Any help would be greatly...
  13. shoutout33

    Tiger's X Pro Shaft & Ultra LD and

    Hey all. Been trying to find some info. on Tigers new shafts, the X-Pro and Ultra LD. Found out that they've just been introduced, but I was hoping to get some feedback. I'm a Coker Widow Maker done, with an embossed ostrich leather wrap and I want to add two low deflection shafts with it. I...
  14. shoutout33

    Snakewood Widow maker cue

    Hey people. Wanted to know if any of you would take a chance at making a all snakewood widowmaker cue? For that matter, has anyone already done it. have a chance to score some snakewood for a really good price and from a reputable company too. I just wanted to know if it can be done, because...
  15. shoutout33

    Trying to find KJ

    Hey people. Looking for a gentleman by the name of KJ. I was told that he might have some Original 314 and Z shafts lying around someplace. :grin: If so, please send me a PM ok? Thanks and look foward to the replies.
  16. shoutout33

    Original 314 and Z Shafts

    Sup people? Does anyone know if you can still get either the original 314 or Z Predator shafts. Yeah, I've been away from the game a while, but I still love my original 314. Looking for the partial shafts if possible. Thanks.
  17. shoutout33

    Back after a very long hiatus...

    What's up AZ! Just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I'll be back posting again here and there. Good to see I still see some names I remember as well.
  18. shoutout33

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holiday AZ'ers!!! Wanted to wish every one a safe and happy holiday season! :D :)
  19. shoutout33

    Future IPT tourneys

    Does anyone know what next for the IPT? I know the just had the pro-am and are possible still doing one-on-one matches, but what about the "big" stuff? Are they even working towards a "tour" like they started before? Hell, if they can't get on TV again, live streaming is like the wave the future...
  20. shoutout33

    Engles Custom Cases

    Does anyone know the number to get in touch with Engles Custom Cases?