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  1. joe c

    2 cues I fiished recently

    Hi Everybody, I haven't posted any cues lately. The darker cue is for a friend of mine. Both cues have the same inlay designs, but with different woods and colors. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  2. joe c

    Malden ma. Tuesday nights

    Hi Everybody, Nice local tourney with all the goodies ! We will be Drawing 1 ticket for the break and run pot at $30 a ball! Come down and play in the tournament and if you’re running late call me or the room and let us know so we can sign you up before the bracket is drawn...
  3. joe c

    Full splice

    Here is a blank I purchased from Brent Summers and completed the build. The joint, butt cap and inlay materials came from Guitar parts, I think they are a close match to real ivory. The shafts are LD , with one being a 8 ply radial laminated one.
  4. joe c

    african blackwood and padauk

    Hello everybody, I haven't posted for awhile here is one I just finished. Let me know what you think on the extension and the bumper set up. Thanks Joe Callaluca
  5. joe c

    dufferin conversion

    Looking for SOLD. Total weight is 20.4 shaft at 3.7 ld with sib pro tip. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  6. joe c

    A cuemakers dream

    Gambling and booze!! This is what happens when you mix them. Miss a shot, stand up and swing cue like a sword only to hit the bar stool. Then ask who put it there!! Anyway a big thanks to Ryan (rat cues) and Thomas Wayne for posting and their comments on fixing broken cues. This is basically...
  7. joe c

    8 point thuya-burl cue

    This is one I built to try some new white veneer but it did run some colors from the black and blue veneer into the white. You can see it in the close-up picture. The thuya-burl is really beautiful wood and cue is a nice looker. Has a Spanish bull wrap and ivory and silver inlays. I appreciate...
  8. joe c

    Broken shaft

    Hi everybody, I just want an opinion of a shaft that broke. The customer said it broke when shooting because of grain run off, but looking close it broke against the grain and appears maybe hitting tip after missing caused this.What do you think? I will replace it but doesn't seem to be a...
  9. joe c

    4 point african padauk cue

    African padauk cored with maple forearm 4 birdseye points with 3 veneers purple, green and yellow with 1 paduak spear head inlay. Aegis ll joint and butt cap with black linen rings inlaid with 8 ivory rectangles and 8 sterling silver dots. Handle is maple cored with purple heart with a...
  10. joe c

    4 point cocobollo cue

    Here is one I just finished, a little different with no butt sleeve and short ivory points. It is going to Florida. Thanks for looking, Joe Callaluca
  11. joe c

    old school 4 african blackwood points

    I haven't had any posts lately but did get this one finished.
  12. joe c

    6 point 3 veneers ebony and bocote

    This one up for sale.Really nice ebony nose cored with hard maple 3 high and 3 low bocote points with white black white veneers. I am very happy with the veneer spacing at the bottom of the points. The wrap is white with black specs linen. 15.3 oz butt with natural weight .It is drilled and...
  13. joe c

    6 point rosewood

    Here is one that is almost done.I will be taking it to Little Kenny's show next month.Most likely to add a black leather wrap and 2 shafts with ivory ferrules. Thanks, Joe Callaluca
  14. joe c

    flame veneer forearm

    Hi Everyone,I haven't posted for awhile so here is a flame veneer cue in progress. Thanks for looking.Sorry for the bad pictures my camera doesn't take good pictures inside. Joe Callaluca Callaluca cues 603-521-2911
  15. joe c

    Brazilian rosewood 6 pointer

    Finished this one up this week.Really nice grain and color in the rosewood. Thanks for looking Joe Callaluca
  16. joe c

    harvest time in New Hampshire Apple wood cue

    Here is one I just finished.Curly maple with apple wood points and butt sleeve.the butt cap,joint and ferrule are from moose antler.The wrap is a honey cognac elephant ear from Martin at Superior cues.I like the darker brown color of the apple wood compared to the lighter colors. Thanks for...
  17. joe c

    4point birdseye and ebony

    Cue is sold.Here is one that was for a friend that never came up with the money.I just want to move it out.Looking for sold ivory joint and ivory propeller/dot inlays Radial pin,leather wrap aegis butt cap 4 veneers black purple black purple butt weight is 15.4 shafts are 3.8 and 3.7 12.9 mm...
  18. joe c

    8 point rosewood

    Here is a nice 8 point rosewood player with one shaft.looking for sold or best resonable offer.Specs are; Butt 15.4 oz. balance at 18.5" rings of 8 ivory/redcoral and 8 sterling silver dots above and below the textured pigskin wrap.A elforyn hoppe style butt cap and a aegis11 joint with a radial...
  19. joe c

    2 plain cues 4 and 8 pointers

    Here are 2 that I recently finished.No inlays but some ring work that dresses them up. Thanks for looking Joe Callaluca
  20. joe c

    bacote and purpleheart cue

    Here is a fullsplice cue from a Schmelke blank that I have recently finished.Will be a great player.I am also adding a low deflection shaft that I have been working on. Butt is 15.5 oz.with no wieght bolt but is drilled and tapped if wanted to add to it.Rings are ivory and silver dots has a...