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    What’s Open In Pittsburgh?

    Going to Pittsburgh for the weekend and looking to hit some. Are there any pool halls open? A bunch of places are listed as “closed” on Google so I wasn’t sure.
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    American Billiard Covering

    Just wanted to say how pleased I was with their service. They were hired last minute the day before Thanksgiving and did a fantastic job. Matt and Justin were both professional and knowledgeable about their work. We were in a scramble to get 3 Brunswick Medalists and 1 Diamond Pro-Am set up...
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    Westgate Rooms Available?

    Long story short, there was a mix up with rooming and I've got three players in a tight spot. Do any APA LO's have any unused rooms from their block that hasn't been turned in yet available for purchase? I am searching for one room from now until August 13th. Text or call anytime...
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    Alex Brick Rubber Bumper?

    I've searched around a little, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The rubber bumper on my Alex Brick dymondwood break cue fell out and got lost. I'm looking to replace it, but can't seem to find the match. Is this the same bumper...
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    WTB Diamond or Brunswick Tables

    Looking to buy 4-8 tables again. Located in Eastern NC, trying to get a room open. New or Used, would prefer to buy all together in a lot. 7’s or 9’s. With or without lights, chairs, etc packages. Can provide references if needed. Text any time. 252-732-0192 Thanks, - Danny
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    Leveling 9' Pro-Am difficulties

    I'm having trouble adjusting the levelers in the legs. I can't seem to get the bottom nuts locked down enough. I know that the top nut should be used to change the height, but clearly I'm doing something wrong.
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    LF CAD Users

    I started a thread in NPR and it was suggested that I post over here also. I would like to commission someone to help with a side project; turning some scribbles and ideas into an actual model. If this is the wrong section or inappropriate, I apologize ahead of time and ask that the mods...
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    Thanks Down East APA

    I just wanted to say how much a appreciate all the support I've received over the last few days. I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful community behind me. RIP Wanda Farren 3/25/57 - 10/5/16 We love you, Ma. I miss you so much...
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    APA Extracurricular Events

    Just curious to see what other events are held in different areas. Maybe not specifically a sanctioned tournament or match, but things that the League Operator and staff do extra or on the side. Again, I'm not talking about singles boards, doubles, or Masters formats. Looking for unique ideas...
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    Mezz X Rubber Bumper

    Hi all, Does anyone have a diagram with specs of the Mezz X Rubber Bumper? I've searched everywhere I could think of, but I haven't been able to find anything particularly detailed. Thanks
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    Tournament Listing

    Hey guys, I wanted to find somewhere that I could list registered participants for an event. I don't have Facebook or an active local site through our league that I could direct the players to for general information regarding the tournament, so I was wondering if I could do that in this...
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    Lomax Break Cues

    Steve dropped these off for me while we were at this year's Open. - Ebony forearm and buttsleeve with a segmented Amboyna handle. - Maple forearm and buttsleeve with a Purpleheart handle. each cue has deco rings at all positions collar and buttcap sleeves respective to each one's...
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    A Pleasant Experience - Chris Nitti

    I just wanted to share a quick story with the rest of the community. A little while back, I shipped my cue off for a simple refinish and rewrap. I knew ahead of time that my order was towards the end of his list, as he had quite a bit on his shop's plate already. No biggie. Along with the...
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    WTB 5-10 Diamond Smart Tables 7'

    Looking for five to ten 7' Diamond Smart Tables. Preferably new, but will consider used. With or without balls, racks, lights, chairs, other packaging, etc. Will arrange for shipping to eastern North Carolina. Text/call anytime. Thanks, - Danny 252.732.0192
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    Not Ready For The Main Pages Yet

    We've got a fellow builder who was recently informed that a battle with cancer will ensue. He hasn't been as active on this forum in recent months, but that doesn't make him any bit less a part of this community. We've been asked for the time being not to mention any names, so in respect...
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    Anyone playing at Breakers in Pittsburgh tonight?

    Wrapping up a visit in Butler and may be out there tonight. PM me if you want to hit some.
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    Curly Maple Shafts

    Do any of you routinely fabricate or purchase these? I've done some searching around the forums. Not a lot of information, but enough to get me interested. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.
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    Josh Roberts v. Efren Updates

    If anyone wouldn't mind posting the scores as the match progresses I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    Yet Another Room Closing... NC

    BJ's Billiards in Havelock, NC just posted that they will be closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. In another three weeks, when the APA league on Tuesdays finishes their summer session, the establishment plans to only then be open on the weekends. It looks like the beginning of the end... I hope...
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    Ferrule "feel"

    I cracked my 2nd ivory ferrule, and in light of current laws, I believe it would be less of a hassle to simply replace my broken pieces with a synthetic material. I have shot with PVC and Aegis. They both seemed too soft for my taste. I wasn't satisfied with the feedback. Searching through...