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  1. Sweet Daddy

    schon and harley mcdermott for sale.

    looking to sell a couple cues for a friend i have a harley mcdermott from 1992 and a nice schon in great condition but i dont know the model number contact me for price or make offers ty.
  2. Sweet Daddy

    preadtor sneaky with original 314 and a z shaft

    sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sweet Daddy

    preadtor sneaky with original 314 and a z shaft

    butt is beat up but could refinished nice .two shafts roll straight on and off of butt.5/16 14. no collar on original 314 and z shaft has black collar no ring. 4 point cue with two orange veneers and two brown veneers. white hoppe style ring at bottom of butt.hard tips on both shafts not sure...
  4. Sweet Daddy

    z2 shaft 5/16 pin

    anyone want to buy a very slightly used z2 5/16-14 pin shaft 200 or best offer 262-903-5908 predator z 2 shaft, best offer!
  5. Sweet Daddy

    esoteric cue

    Cue has been sold!
  6. Sweet Daddy

    Every Friday and Saturday nights 9-ball and 8-ball

    Rudy's Place in Aurora , IL has a 9-ball or 8-ball tourney on 5 -7' Diamond tables. Handicapped.900 hill ave.Aurora,IL 60505-7:00pm start.
  7. Sweet Daddy

    Dress Code!

    What's the reason for dress codes in some pool tournaments? I dont think that it has contributed to the rise or fall of this sport. I'm just looking for some opinions on this matter.
  8. Sweet Daddy

    jacoby cue for sale

    nice cue ebony forearm and butt. leather lizard print wrap. ivory ferrule. morri medium tip , titanium pin. silver inlays around joint and wrap and butt cap. one shaft . no nicks or scratches on this stick. ferrule diameter 12.7? cue length 58' cue weight 19 pin type radial titaninium...
  9. Sweet Daddy

    Windy city open ,late start

    I was really dissapointed that each event ,9-ball ,and 8-ball started about 3 hours late.