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  1. jaywheel

    Crazy ending in 10 ball: Salvas vs Leblanc 2002

    Cliffs: -Leblanc leads 9-7 in a race to 11 after making the 10 ball 3 times in a row on the break. -Leblanc breaks and almost makes the 10 a 4th time in a row but leaves it in the pocket -Salvas makes the 1 and the 2-10 combo, it's 9-8 and Salvas has the break Watch the rest if you've never...
  2. jaywheel

    Big playoffs match tonight (league play)

    I live on the Montreal south shore and have been playing in this league for 3 years now. It's one of the best league in the whole province of Quebec I'd say because the owner of the pool hall is able to get sponsorship for each team. Monday = A league Tuesday= B league Wednesday= C league 32...
  3. jaywheel

    Hello AZers!

    Hi, I'm from Montreal and happy to finally be able to post or participate in the raffles and such. Always loved pool and I am in my 2nd year of league play. I play once a week in the league and sometimes go to tournaments on weekends. I play in maybe 7 or 8 a year. Finished 5th in my last one...