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    Steve Cook Memorial $500 added 9 Ball Tournament

    March 5 2106 East Road Billiards Elida Oh 45807 419.331.7225 $20 entry fee $10 green fee Race to 7 winners Race to 5 Losers Double Elimination Loser Breaks $500 added Calcutta 12 pm sharp
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    Steve Cook Memorial 500 added March 14th

    Steve Cook Memorial 9 ball tournament played on 8 valley bar boxes - 500 added. Two diamond and three GC 9 footers available for action.
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    Steve Cook Memorial 9 ball tourney 500 added

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    Steve Cook Memorial 9 ball 500 added

    Steve Cook Memorial 9 ball 500 added Feb 25 Steve Cook Memorial 9 Ball Tournament 500 added on 7 foot valley bar boxes Feb 25 2012[/B] 20 entry fee - 10 dollar green fee Race to 7 winners side Race to 5 losers side Loser Break Calcutta starts at 12:00pm sharp [B]East Rd Billiards 4277 Elida...
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    Break shot question

    I have a hard time with the q - ball getting stuck in the stack after the break shot. Which got me wondering are there any general rules on when to use draw or follow on your break shot? Thanks Shev
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    14.1 on now

    German League 14.1 on now
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    Fatboy send me a pm - one pocket challange

    Fatboy Tried to send you a pm about the one pocket challenge and our agreement from last year. Send me a pm about whether you want me to send the money to you or Jay. Take Care and Happy Holidays. Shev
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    One Pocket League

    We were talking tonight at the pool hall and one of the guys said we should start a one pocket league. Which got us talking about how to set one up and how the league would run. Just wondering if anyone out there has a one pocket league. Any information would be helpful. Thanks Shev
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    Carolina Custom Sneaky Pete

    I have a Carolina Custom Bocote Sneaky Pete for sale. Sorry I don't have any pictures at this time. It has Ivory Flur de Lance inlays and hoppe ring. It has two shafts one standard length and one 30 inches. I will have the cue with me at the derby city classic. If anyone is interested pm your...
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    wtb tiger x ultra shaft

    I'm looking for a 30 inch tiger x ultra shaft that will fit a radial pin. Thx Shev
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    Scotty Townsend

    Anyone have contact info for Scotty. A buddy of mine use to know Scotty and lost contact and wanted to get back in touch with him. Thx
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    Guido Orlandi ?

    Does anyone have contact information for Guido Orlandi? Thanks for any help.
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    Alex v Chris

    Just got a text from my buddy who is at michaels. Alex is up 3-0.
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    Guido at the DCC

    Can anyone tell me if Guido is out in the main aisle doing tips again this year?
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    SVB an Cliff one hole on TAR

    Cliff an SVB going to play 1 hole on TAR shortly. The spot is 9-7/10-7, 5 ahead same bet as last night.
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    Good Luck Sarah

    Sarah, JCIN posted in another thread that your going to be playing an all around at the Derby this year against Monica. What are the games? Just wanted to wish you good luck.
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    Ronnie Wiseman's Tournament any reports

    Anybody have a report from Ronnie's tournament in Oak Park. What's happened in the tournament so far and what has the action been like?
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    Sarah ?

    Sarah: I watched you match up a couple of times at the DCC this year. Once in the bar and once in the main room. The main room was the night that Jeese B played Ronnie W in one hole. Not sure how those sessions turned out, but after watching I walked away truly impressed with your game...