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  1. nj82tj

    Big Pin Pechauer Pro Cocobolo MW

    ********** sold **********
  2. nj82tj

    Some nice new cocobolo.

    Some nice new cocobolo goodness. Any guesses on the maker?
  3. nj82tj

    New DZ cue

    60” full splice Purple Heart and straight grain maple with curly maple butt Brass inlay dots LePro tip 13mm shaft 3/8x10 mod pin 19.5oz
  4. nj82tj

    ISO Schon

    No longer looking. Thanks.
  5. nj82tj

    Purple Heart “Sneaky”

    Just placed my order with Bob Dzuricky (DZ cues) and he’s already started the build. It’ll be a 60” full splice Purple Heart into straight grain maple with a couple additions... this is the only teaser I have so far.
  6. nj82tj

    2018 Bob Dzuricky

    I had a progress thread on here a while ago, but I have no idea where it went...Anyway here is my 2018 full splice Bob Dzuricky built from a Prather blank. It's ebony into BEM with blue veneers. The blue inlay dots are lapis. It's 60" and just under 20oz. The points are very sharp and even...
  7. nj82tj

    Refinishing question

    Is it very difficult to add a butterfly splice to the butt or even just a nice piece of wood to the butt end when a cue gets refinished? Thanks in advance.
  8. nj82tj

    My new cue is complete!

    My first truly custom (to me) is finally complete! Bob Dzuricky knocked this one out of the park for me...Here is a video! Enjoy. I had posted some progress pic's a few months ago but I'm not sure where they went.
  9. nj82tj

    Concussion cue by Jacoby *burl*

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a 60” sugargum burl and curly maple cue with turquoise ring work and 2 edge hybrid shafts I’m looking to sell. It’s a Concussion cue. Jacoby makes the base of the cue. The shafts are 12.75mm with precision tips. Both are unplayed. Radial pin. PM me for pictures. I...
  10. nj82tj

    Olney jump cue

    Took an Olney in on trade. I don’t use a jump cue. It’s cocobolo and a curly maple butt with a 3/8x10 pin. Shaft has blueing and there are a few minor dings on it. Nothing bad. It’s a nice little cue. Pics won’t upload. $150 bo. Message for pics. Thanks. Sold sold sold
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    sold ..........
  12. nj82tj

    Prather blank by Bob Dzuricky

    The blank has just been delivered and it is about to get its finish treatment and fancification! Ebony into BEM with dark blue and light blue veneers. Length will be 60” 50/50 split. I’ll be sure to update when/if I get more pics during the build. I’m pretty excited though. I’ve wanted a...
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  14. nj82tj

    3/8x10 Shaft

    sold sold sold
  15. nj82tj

    SugarTree full splice

    I haven't hit with it yet but I closely examined it. The finish is outstanding. Better than any cue I've had previously. The old growth shafts are beautiful and smooth and so is the maple Sneaky shaft. The wood is bloodwood into a maple blank with a box elder burl butt. Enjoy the pics...
  16. nj82tj

    Watertown NY Pool Halls

    In Watertown for work, anyone know of a pool hall near the area? Thanks.
  17. nj82tj

    Pierce or Sugartree

    Ziracote and maple Merry Widow Pierce or Sugartree bloodwood into maple full splice with burl butt? Both 3/8x10 mod pin and 58" long. Any and all input is welcome.
  18. nj82tj

    Schon LTD

    sold sold sold
  19. nj82tj

    Wrapless vs wrapped cue

    I have only played with wrapless cues up to this point. I have a chance at a really nice cue but it's wrapped. I'm not sure I'll like it. Has anyone made the switch and regretted it? Made the switch and liked it? I don't want to make a trade and regret it...
  20. nj82tj

    Full Splice Jim Pierce fs/ft

    No longer available.