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  1. chrismcc

    2017 Ariel Carmeli cocobolo

    2017 Ariel Carmeli cocobolo SOLD This is. Beautiful cue, I've test hit with one shaft. Brand new condition. The figure in this cocobolo i stunning. Price drop to $1,100 obo. After talking to Carmeli and learning about this cue, he informed me tho cue retails at 1,600.
  2. chrismcc

    Ariel Carmeli Coco plain with SW style rings

    New Carmeli cue, Made 1/17. Won this in a raffle. Test hit with one shaft for about 5 minutes this morning. It's got a flat 3/8-10 pin. Hits great, the cocobolo is highly figured and very pretty. Looking to get $1200.
  3. chrismcc

    crazy ebay auction can anyone tell me about this cue? i have a...
  4. chrismcc

    plain jane mcermotts

    picked these up from a pawn shop. green one needs a tennon and ferrel+tip. should be fairly inexpensive. $225 shipped with both cues and the case.
  5. chrismcc

    Pawn Shop find

    Bought these cues fairly cheap at a pawn shop, looking to turn them for a quick profit. let me know what you think. both mcdermotts + case shipped $225 shipping through ups, payment through paypal. Two mcdermotts are left with the mcdermott 2x4 case hoping to sell in a package. also...