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    Difference in my Two Cues.. Why is one weighted heavier in the front, and one not?

    I own a Lucasi Hybrid and Adams balabushka. I loved the hybrid for a long time, and only pulled out the bushka for fun. After awhile I used the bushka for a few days and noticed after a small adjustment period I played better with it as It had a more solid hit. Now the Bushka has a hard tip...
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    Buying Predator 2 5x16 , used but good condition

    Lemme know whatcha got! Looking for a fair price, if its high I'd rather just buy new. Thanks!
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    WTB Predator 2 Shaft 5x16 used but in excellent condition

    Post up if you have one for a fair price I am looking for one in good condition, one small dent is fine but not a bunch, or any other problems such as not straight. Really only looking for pred 2 also can offer up a bushka GB adams cue shaft in partial trade if you wanted a 5x16 shaft...
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    Best items you can purchase to increase your game? Consistant wise, any aspect wise

    What would they be? So far I bought a Lucasi Hybrid but I read a lot and see the predator shafts seem to be much better shafts then the shaft that comes on the hybrid. so I am guessing the best item I could purchase right now (other then the obvious answer everyone will say which is lessons...
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    Buying Predator Shaft for 5x16 joint (adams cue bushka_

    Pm me if your selling one.
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    Earl Fans watch this- Damn his pace is very nice I love his pace. Earl just pockets the first rack beautifully, but what I am posting this for is his pace. I keep hearing the shot clock hurt him in the open.. if a player that plays this fast is hurt by the shot clock then it shouldn't exist or...
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    How long did it take you to learn Back English, BR, LR?

    I've been playing for like 2 months and I can apply back english when practicing on a table with fast cloth. I only can do it in game if the shot is straight on and I don't have to focus on aim. IF I could apply back right english and back english to position my cueball for the next shot I...
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    Purchasing Predator Shaft that will fit adams bushka replica.

    Post what you have! The bushka replica cue has a pin 5x16 I think? I'm not a cue master and don't know exactly what the pin is.. I'm sure most of you do. Only purchasing from people with feedback. If you don't have feedback you'd have to send first. I have 52 positive 0 negative feedback on...
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    What would you buy with upto $900 right now?

    I have some money and am sick of paying bills and never buying anything for myself, since I haven't spent my money on myself in a while and want to have some fun I decided I'm going to buy at least one thing. So what would you buy that is UP to $900? If its only $100 thats cool too, just...
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    Lots of Nice Stuff up for trade: Looking for Centinnal Ball set, +others. L00K INSIDE

    GPS, Alienware, Security Cam+more FOR trade FOR Centinnal Ball set + others The list of stuff I am looking to trade for is below. I can add cash if some of the items you are interested in but your item is more valuable. I prefer to trade without cash though. I am looking for a Brunswick Cent...
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    Pray to the gods.. Make the Earl Stickland Meucci's in America with quality supplies

    Then we will have a nice cue to look forward to
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    Hall of Fame Meucci on Ebay.. I love it! Wow I love this cue. The art is my style, old style knight swords and what looks to be a mace or sceptre. A old roman style pillar on the bottom.. I'd love to own this cue...
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    Opinions on Cue I'm thinking of buying What do you think? I am thinking i'd probably be better off purchasing a custom cue for the money, and get a very nice box veneer design, or maybe chess set type design. I really do like to handle design with...
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    Black Widow aka Jeanette Lee - Where's she been?

    I haven't seen her around lately, in games or anything. She boomed with ROCA-wear commercial, and saying how next year is going to be so huge then haven't seen her again. Maybe I'm just missing whatever shes doing, most likely. I looked on the AZB top players and she's is not even one of the...
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    Anyone live in Tampa Florida area? Specifically Seminole (33772)

    Looking for someone who is experienced in pool to play some pool with. Mainly I'd like to find someone who will play and teach me at the same time, I know I am doing things wrong.. as I taught myself how to play. I am sure a veteran player could teach me a lot. I also wouldn't mind having...
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    Question for "moderate" skilled player. Sportscraft pool ball vs Aramith Lower-ends

    Question for "moderate" skilled player. Sportscraft pool ball vs Aramith Lower-ends I am wondering would a moderate skilled player notice a difference from KMART pool balls which are most likely made by sportscraft, compared to aramith's lower-end pool balls? I had to put up my pool balls to...
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    Buying Aramith Balls, or Centennial Balls. I found them on ebay $27 + free ship.

    Buying Aramith Balls, seen on ebay for like $27 +free me whatcha got! Looking to buy a cheap set of Aramith or Brunswick pool balls in good condition. They're going on ebay from $25 to $40.. would love to find some cheap like that. Let me know whatcha got! Thanks.
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    Buying regular cheap-o ball set.. Kmart has for $25. Anyone beat this price?

    Purchasing Cheap Ball Set, whether its aramith or cent's.. used is fine, good condit I am looking for some used in good condition (no chips) aramith or cent balls. I really can't afford anything more then kmart balls but I need some nicer ones so my playing is more consistent. Let me know...
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    Selling beautiful Bushka Replica GB-2 cue- 9.9/10 condition

    I am looking for $325 + shipping. I purchased it and played 3-5 games with it. If I told you this cue was BRAND new you wouldn't doubt it, minus the tiny evidence of chalk being on the tip at one point. There is no a scratch, mark, dent, or any imperfection anywhere on the entire cue. Shaft and...
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    Selling 1x1 black look alike leather (maybe real) hard tube case

    Just asking $10 + shipping. Thanks.