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    $100 Green logo Mali

    Years ago when I was actually good I mostly played with a $100 Green label Mali I won off a Navy guy. Eventually Judd Fuller made me a cue and I played with that until I took a 20 year hiatus. It was stolen just as I got back into pool (sigh) Saw a listing on EBAY for a Mali that looked just...
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    How to fix the "yips"

    I am having an issue where sometimes I completely lost the ability to play. I will get completely out of sequence, and I will do a quick jabby stroke or just start the forward stroke before I mean to and just sort of just lamely slap at the ball. Everything I have tried to stop it when it starts...
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    Brand New Whitten 4x6 in Bison Leather and Drift Distressed

    Just got this beauty 10 mins ago, thought I would share. Pictures do not quite capture it. Joe did and unbelievable job with an exotic leather not used often and there is nothing else like a Whitten.
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    Treadway Arctic Birch and Tulipwood with fancy rings

    Josh Tredway upscale merry widow. Woods are Artic birch (not maple) and Tulipwood. Unique rings at all positions with overlapping colored diamonds. Segmented handle with same rings. Arctic birch is very chatoyant but pictures do not really pick it up. Joint is unique and is a custom milled...
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    Brazilian Rosewood Tascarella

    4 point, light flame veneers Brazilian Rosewood Tascarella. 1 Tiffany diamond in each point and 4 diamonds in butt. Straight maple front. Buskka ring (no metal) above wrap and veneer rings at joint collards. White/brown linen. Inlays and ferrules are a natural material not sure what. 58"...
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    Is there seriously only 1 pic of George?

    I think I have only seen 1 picture of Balabushka ever. I did a search and the usual one is the only one you see. Is there seriously only the one picture of him out there?
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    Five point cues

    Dan Janes made me a lovely 5 point cue. It doesn't look at cluttered as a 6 point and each point still had enough thickness to them that they almost look like points on a 4 point cue. I really like it. When I have talked to other cuemakers though it seem no one wants to do 5 points and I was...
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    Build diary Treadway Arctic Birch and Tulipwood

    Josh is building me quite an interesting cue. I have an order in with Josh for a "big" cue that will be quite unique in design. But it will also have some experimental elements to the cue such as a compression fit titanium joint, modified taper and some other unique structural elements I...
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    The best way to order a custom cue IMO

    I think that most people order a custom cue, they dictate almost the entire design to the cuemaker. In addition to the playing specs, they detail the woods, the inlays, type of joint, ring design, wrap, etc... I think this is a great way to order a custom cue. You get exactly what you want, you...
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    In depth semi-custom JB Case Review

    Thought I would give a pretty complete review of my JB case and the overall experience. It is a JB Rugged with the extra deep pockets, an Embroidered Dragon and a Dragon Font name embroidered. 3x6, extra tall to accommodate the Dragon. TLDR version: I like it quite a bit, and would recommend JB...
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    Looking for NEW Digi Clue Blue

    Please MSG if you have one. Not interested in used.
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    How to develop a "trigger"

    I have been trying the SPF method of playing and it is not really working for me at all. The biggest issue for me is that the pause before the stroke and the pause at the back of the stroke are so foreign to me, and I just feel frozen, without any smoothness of rhythm to my stroke. I need to...
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    Predator Z3 Shaft 5/16x14

    Lightly used Z3 shaft in very good condition. Some light blueing but could be cleaned. Straight. Rare 5/16x14 joint for Joss, Schon, Richard Black, etc...was used on the Richard Black which is also listed. $175 OBO plus $12 shipping to US. Would trade for good condition 3x6 JB case. Msg here...
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    ***Chuck Starkey Wood Pin Brazilian Rosewood** $499*

    ***Chuck Starkey Wood Pin Brazilian Rosewood** $425* All Brazilian Rosewood Cue (not cored) with Wooden Joint. Great feel and very solid. Pete Tascarella Sr. adjusted taper to match a Tascarella shaft and added a nice linen wrap. Price is $425 obo Just received daily Tascarella player, so...
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    Light Cues- Why not more common?

    I recently got my new Tascarella. It was customized by Pete Sr. to be very light using a combo of straight maple and Brazilian Rosewood. The butt weighs 14.1 ounces and each shaft is 3.7oz for a total of 17.8. Shafts are 12.5mm. It is just wonderful. To me it seems that lighter cues have a...
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    All Brazilian Rosewood "Starkarella"

    Bought an all Brazilian Rosewood cue new from Chuck Starkey. Came as wrapless cue with BRW forearm, handle and butt sleeve. Chuck sent it without a ferrule. Had very large plain black rings seperating the sections. Thought the cue had a great feel but was too stiff and did not like no ferrule...
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    My new Brazilian Rosewood and Straight Maple Tascarella

    Tascarella has arrived !!!! I think it is one of the best looking Tascs I have ever seen. The colors pop so much and it is so elegant. Not plain or too fancy. Workmanship is perfect. It is Brazilian Rosewood and Straight maple, with black orange yellow natural veneers. Single bushka ring with...
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    Alan Phelps Inlaid Merry Widow: Great Cue

    Overall Design/ Appearance Grade: A- Overall experience: A- Cue Hit: A++ (Stroker/finesse players) Value: A (very reasonably priced to inexpensive) Cuemaker: Alan Phelps Lusby MD aphelps1 here on AZB Cue: Goncalvo Alves Forearm and Butt. Rambutan...
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    Converting a 1pc snooker cue to 2 piece

    I want to get a snooker cue but I also want it to be a 2pc so I can use it in my normal case. I want an actual snooker cue not a shaft for a regular cue as I change my regular cues too often. Considering buying a nice high mid-range one piece like a Maximus Legend Plus and then having it...
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    $499 Like new Whitten

    4 months old. Only taken out 3 or 4 times. 9.8/10 condition. Selling to get second Murnak case. Reduced to $499 firm plus actual shipping. Case was $725 new. Wont go lower. Has several upgrades: Upgraded base leather Double stitching throughout Blue tube liners Enhanced shoulder strap...