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    Decorative decal cues

    What is the easiest way to determine if the butt of the cue is a decal or made with fine joinery. Price I’m sure is an indicator, but there must some other indicators. Such as very fine tipped points?
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    Custom lights

    Many years ago i built a custom lite box 75x25x6” with 6 three ft 5K flouresent bulbs , I’d like to upgrade to some LED strips. Has anyone done this to their lite and can make suggestions. Much appreciated.
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    Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

    I have been folding the cloth on my corner pockets, the same as you would do on the side pockets and it helps to reduce opening a bit , and prolonging corner wear . It also is much easier to do. Am I committing a sin ?
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    Ferrule problem / choices

    I have several partial hairline cracks in my ferrule, doesn’t seem to effect my game much , should I wait for a greater failure or replace it now? What material should I request for replacement, melamine,elforyn,phenolic ? It’s a Samsara that I don’t brake with.
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    Ball sizing

    I have a ball polisher that I have been using for 10 years on 2 sets of balls. (Centenials and Arimiths )The #s on the centennials seem to be a little higher. Is that normal? Time to change I guess. I have a go no go gauge ( 2.25”) to measure wear, at what diameter reduction should I change balls?
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    table heater

    I have an GC4 in an AC basement, In the summer months it plays quite slow. I would like to add a billiard style heater to it. Has any one done that? Could you use a mat style floor heater glued to the bottom of the slate?