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  1. SWN99

    wanted : older Joss

    Anyone have a older Joss in fair shape? Something simple with points would be excellent. Pm or post pics.
  2. SWN99

    Every cue for sale!

    It seems that almost always every cue for sale "shoots the lights out" and hits amazing. I'm just wondering when a bad cue goes up if it still shoots the lights out lol
  3. SWN99

    Schon CX 69
  4. SWN99

    Pechauer JPM 02
  5. SWN99

    Post your favorite match videos.

    Put the link to your favorite pool matches and share what makes it a must see. *thanks*
  6. SWN99

    Pechauer JPL 02

    Lightly used Pechauer JLP02 13mm shaft, 19oz cue. Solid cue and never abused, very well crafted with standard shaft and linen wrap. Asking 200$<--- for cue and a tube case. Will also consider trades
  7. SWN99

    Scruggs "hustler"

    Anyone have a Scruggs hustler style cue? BEM light / medium stain & linen wrap.
  8. SWN99

    Anyone ever have a bad Schön cue?

    Just wondering if anyone ever had a Schon that they weren't pleased with the quality or workmanship.
  9. SWN99

    WTB schon

    Looking for a used low end Schön in decent shape with standard shaft 13mm or just the butt, prefer a linen wrap. My budget for a used cue is 350-400, considering a new entry level Schön is 450-475 with a shaft.