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    BlackCreek cues

    Does Blackcreek cues still exist ? I haven't seen/heard anything about them in quite awhile.
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    RIP Scotty Townsend

    reported over on CrazyErica stream that Scotty Townsend passed tonight. Apparently as a result of a motorcycle accident. RIP.
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    drove to Mike's shop this past weekend to pickup my new cue. all white is ivory. ivory sleeved phenolic joint, all dots are mother of perl. for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Mike is a great guy to work with and makes a great product. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to...
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    my FIRST Melton

    Just got my new Melton. Simple but elegant and exacty as ordered. Rusty is a true craftsman. Unexpected surprise was the heavy duy cloth protective cover. 2x4 chocolate evelope case with seperate tool pouch that clips to the shoulder strap. Enjoy, I am !
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    Places to play 1hole near Minneapolis

    I'll be in minneapolis Monday/tuesday nights. wondering if there's a good place to play 1hole.
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    Sleeved Joints

    Just curious. What is the purpose of sleeving a joint. Weight reduction/looks/different material/hit factor ? I would think the joint would hit like a solid piece of whatever the inner structure is made of. thanks.
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    highend Mottey Hoppe

    FS: Paul Mottey/James White hoppe cue. I ordered this cue from Paul before he retired. He completed part, James White finished after Paul retired. That is why no signature. James said he didn't want to sign and Paul hadn't signed, so James put "MOTTEY" in the hoppe ring. $3250 or Offer...
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    calcutta percentages

    What is the typical payouts in percentage for calcuttas. I was at a local tourney where it was extremely top heavy. The payouts were 4 places for a 32 man field and were by percentages 50% 25% 18% 7%. It didnt seem quite fair.
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    Soda in Case

    tonight a glass of Mountain Dew was spilled into my 3x5 Instroke Buffalo case. I got my cues/shafts out quickly and cleaned off, but looking for help on how to salvage case if possible. I was thinking just filling with very hot water, shaking vigoursly and emptying , then letting dry for a...
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    FS: Richard Chudy RC3

    I am posting this for a friend: He has a Richard Chudy RC3 Cocobola cue for sale. 4 pt, 4 veneers. (natural, green, orange, black). stainless steel flat faced joint with G-10 pin. Black phenolic collars on 2 shafts. Phenolic buttcap, phenolic ferrules. White w/brown speck Irish linen wrap...
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    where on object ball do you look

    When cutting a ball, where do you look on the object ball last. At the cloth where the ball meets, a spot midway up, at top, etc.. I have been in a slump recently and started changing to looking from mid object ball, to a spot on cloth and it seemed to help temporarily.
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    back it/jack it ??

    What's the point of back it/jack it. Since your hill-hill, why not just win the next game and the next set. I never understood the advantage or the allure of back/jack it when you get to hillhill gambling. I rarely gamble though, so perhaps something I'm missing.
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    Best break cue $100 or less

    What break cue - only break, no jump, good for $100 or less. Also not a phenolic tip. Midwest 9 ball tour stops don't allow phenolic break tips.
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    Weight ?

    What does (in nine ball) getting the 6 and last 2 mean ? besides that I suck at 9-ball. Does the last 2 include the 9ball. or is it the last 2 on the table NOT the 9ball. What if I made the 7,8 on the break. Is it then just the 6,9 or 5,6,9 ? thanks 2AO