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    Question about planning for runout in 8-ball

    I play 8-ball in a league. I know that you should play at least 3 shots ahead when planning, but many of the better players I talk to plan the whole rack before deciding even which to chose (solids or stripes). I'm having trouble planning the whole rack in advance...seems like I have trouble...
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    Videos of practice - Straight Shots and stopping cue

    A couple of days ago, I posted about difficulty with longer straight shots. Here are a couple of videos showing my set up and stroke. I set up as instructed by Scott Lee with the hole reinforcers on the table. I am about 3.5 diamonds away from the OB on these shots. All I am trying to do...
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    Need help...Long straight shots

    Hey all: I've been getting back into practicing after taking most of the summer off. Was really busy and didn't have a lot of time to shoot. Besides, was in a heck of a slump in the spring and just felt like a needed a break. Anyway, I came back and my game seems to be pretty good. Really...
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    Looking for good place to play - Durham, NC

    Hey all: Doing a bit of travel this week...going to Raleigh-Durham, NC for business trip. I'll be there Tuesday and Wednesday and looking for recommendations for a good place to shoot a few racks. I'd prefer a pool hall as compared to a bar with a couple of tables, but if the place is nice...
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    Looking for instructor in/around Cincinnati area

    Hi all: I am looking to get some formal instruction to take my game to the next level. I'd like to find someone in or around the Cincinnati (OH) area...preferably within an hour or so driving distance. First I'd like to talk to the instructor to discuss my goals, problems, etc., to decide if...
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    something I'm considering...would like opinions

    Hi all: I have an older Schmelke (sp?) Sneaky Pete. I used to use it for breaking (it is a 21 oz cue...full splice, I believe. 2 piece cue). My challenge is that the shaft is a bit too "whippy" for my taste. I get crazy english with it, but can't control the cue ball when breaking. I've...
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    Need advice regarding break

    I'm in need of some advice regarding my break. I'm playing in both 8-ball tournaments and on an 8-ball league. We play on bar-boxes. In the league, you rack your own, so I know I am getting a good rack. I have a decent break with good speed (not measured, but I break harder than most people...
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    Places to play in Moline, IL

    I am going to be in Moline, IL on business next week for a couple of nights. Looking for a place to play. Not looking for any action...just someplace nice to practice. Any recommendations? Thanks; John
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    Table recovered a couple of months ago...need advice

    Hi; I recovered my table a couple of months ago (in January). I used Velocity Pro cloth. Anyway, I play on the cloth daily. The Velocity Pro isn't quite as fast as Simonis (which I would used if I could have afforded was more than twice the price), but it is a decent cloth. I like...