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    WTB: Universal LS Smart Shaft

    Seeing if anyone has a used Low Squirt Universal Smart Shaft with a 3/8" x 10 adapter for sale in great condition. I would prefer length of 29" and tip size of 12.75 mm.
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    Looking for Szamboti cue gallery website.

    About a year or so ago, someone posted a link to a website dedicated to Szamboti cues. It wasn't a collector or a dealer's site, but a page someone put together of all the Szamboti pictures they had seen. Anyone remember this site?
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    Coin lagging

    In Buddy Hall's biography,"From Rags to Rifleman," he talks about a "coin pitcher" he periodically traveled with named, Gary Bright. From what Buddy remembered, Gary never lost to anyone when it came to lagging coins. Has anyone ever seen someone like Gary that could control where a coin...
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    WTB: Meucci Pool Ball Set

    I am looking to purchase a complete set of balls Meucci put out in the late 90's. I believe they produced two different sets, the "Millenium" and the "Tournament." I prefer the "Tournament," but if all else fails, I would be willing to purchase either set. Also, new/like new condition is a...