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    Seoul Korea

    Anyone have any suggestions where I can play at in Seoul? Maybe a weekly tourney. Thanks in advance.
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    4th Annual Bill Ryan Classic

    Booze Hounds will host the 4th annual Bill Ryan Classic 8 ball tourney on 12 February 2011. Also, there will be a mini 8 ball tourney Friday night on 11 Feb starting at 8:00 PM. Scotch Doubles tourney Saturday night of the 12th and ladies tourney starting @ 1200PM on Sunday 13 Feb 2011. Cue...
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    8 Ball Barbox Tourney 8 Jan San Antonio, Texas

    8 Ball Bar Table Tournament Jan 8 @ Coaches Corner, San Antonio TX $40 entry fee ( includes green fee). $1000 added With 64 Players, $500 added with 32 players. Saturday players auction starts at 12:30 sharp. Tournament will begin immediately after auction. Race to 5 on winners and 4 on losers...
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    Pool Reality Show?

    I just read that Danny Basavich was currently working on a reality show with A&E. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about this. I would love to see a reality show based on pool, as long as it was done right.
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    Tiger Planet Pool Event Results?

    Any results on this weekends planet pool tour event? There website has not been updated. Thanks in advance. Sorry...Just found the update thread. JS won.
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    Table Mechanic in San Antonio

    Does anyone know a good table mechanic in San Antonio? If so, could you please let me know. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Planet Pool

    Anyone have an update on this weekends Planet Pool tour stop? Thanks in advance for any replys.
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    Assistance locating Cue Shop in San Antonio

    Assistance please...I'm currently out of the country and would like to have my cue shipped to me. Unfortunately, I need a new tip. Does anyone know a place in San Antonio that my wife can go and get a new tip and wrap put on? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Looking for action...Thanksgiving weekend.

    Brandon Shuff and his stake are looking for a game over Thanksgiving Weekend. 13-15 ahead or a race to 30 or 40 for 2K-5K. We are able to travel but Brandons stake prefers to play in the VA, MD or DC area. Willing to play anyone, just realize champions (you know who you are) will be expected to...
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    Stake Horses

    Your opinions on stake horses? Thanks
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    Blaze Tour

    Does anyone know the results of the Blaze tour event @Skyline? Thanks in advance.